The producers |  Serge Postigo triumphs in Paris

The producers | Serge Postigo triumphs in Paris

The producer’s show starring Serge Postigo won two Molières on Monday night in Paris. Press I took the opportunity to listen to the actor temporarily “exiled” in France for almost two years.

To use an expression from French cousins, Serge Postigo is currently a hit in Paris!

Since last November, the comedian has starred in The producersFrench adaptation of the play by Mel Brooks, which is still today the most awarded musical comedy in Broadway history (with 12 Tony awards).

Still performing at the Théâtre de Paris, rue Blanche, the production won two Molières on Monday night, including the musical show of the year award, and has already sold 150,000 tickets.

Defended by a company of 16 actors and 7 musicians, the show will undoubtedly return to Paris next fall. After a summer vacation. Serge Postigo shares the spotlight with, among others, Benoit Cauden, winner of the Molière for male revelation.

The Quebec actor plays the Jewish producer Max Bialystock, a character with which Nathan Lane triumphed on stage and in the movies.

“It’s a golden role for an actor my age. [53 ans] “says Postigo, accompanied by Press in Paris on Tuesday. The show was a finalist in four categories. And the actor sang a fragment of the show during the Molières evening. “Max is full of flaws. He is both touching and laughable. We learn to love it above acting. I love playing these kinds of multi-layered characters,” says the actor.

It is also a very physically demanding role. With singing, dancing, and other pirouettes. “I play seven times a week, six nights a week. I only get off stage three times. I have lost nine kilos since the premiere, ”she explains.

A race on two continents

Singing the king of Broadway, Serge Postigo experienced many emotions on stage at the Folies Bergère on Monday night. After the cancellation, in March 2020, of the production of curly boots of Just for Laughs, the director no longer had a job in Quebec.

He “took advantage” of the pandemic to go do two shows in Paris: before diving into The producers who performed and directed the play grandpa resisted last year.

Born in France, Serge Postigo had never played in his native country. He became familiar with the theatrical scene in France, “very different from the scene in Quebec.” Is it a new career abroad? Far from Quebec?

No, I’m going back to Montreal in mid-July for two months. I’m not moving to Europe. I also have projects in Quebec.

serge shutter

However, the success of producers of course gives a boost to his career on the other side of the Atlantic. Adaptation of the film by Mel Brooks made in 1967, The producer tells the story of a bankrupt producer who decides to stage a “theatrical flop” to enrich himself with his insurer.

Max comes up with the idea of ​​making a musical to celebrate the Nazis, titled… Flowers for Hitler. A guaranteed failure, she thinks. However, the play will be a great success!


The actors receive the Molière for the best musical for The producers during the ceremony of the 33me Molières Ceremony, France’s most prestigious theater award, at the Folies Bergère in Paris.

An argument that made Postigo reflect on the notion of success in his profession. The producers It is a work in the pure tradition of musicals from London and Broadway; a genre appreciated by the actor since the success of fact directed by Denis Bouchard with among others Marina Orsini, in 1998.

“The musical doesn’t appeal to everyone. Within The producers, we multiply the stereotypes about gays, Jews, and women… Something that is not evident in our not very second-grade era. However, it is a standing ovation every night! Something rare in Paris. I savored my happiness with the whole team. I love my job and my colleagues very much. In France and Québec. Many people in the shadows put their talents at the service of musical comedy. This success is also for them. »

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