The Canadiens will meet the son of Kent Hughes today in Buffalo

The Canadiens will meet the son of Kent Hughes today in Buffalo

it’s the week of set in Buffalo. 96 of the top prospects for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft gather at the city ​​of good neighbors for medical exams, physical tests, and official interviews with the various NHL teams. 63 forwards, 30 defensemen, and three goalies are in Buffalo right now…

the set opened on Monday and will officially end on Saturday. This is the first set since 2019, while the 2020 and 2021 editions were canceled due to COVID-19.

For many leaders, official (and unofficial) personal interviews are what have/will have been most important this week.

Remember that management had dinner with Shane Wright on Monday, officially met Logan Cooley yesterday, will officially meet Wright today, and will have dinner with Cooley tomorrow night. Still nothing about Juraj Slafkovsky, who may have arrived from Europe a little later than the others, after the world championships.

Need I remind you that the Canadian has 14 options for this draft, including the first? And that the playoffs will take place in Montreal on July 7 and 8?

This morning, Guillaume Lefrançois published an interesting tidbit: the Canadian management will be one of the 26 teams that will face Jack Hughes this week. Not the Jack Hughes of the Devils, but the son of Kent Hughes…

This official meeting of about fifteen minutes between CH and Jack Hughes will take place today.

Hughes is a 6-foot-0, 165-pound, 18-year-old center. He played alongside Jordan Harris, Jayden Struble, and Ryan St-Louis this season at Northeastern University.

most of the experts see him come out at the end of the first round or in the second round.

(Credit: Elite Prospects)

Hughes fell off several lists after his second half of the season.

The Canadian will speak at the 26th and 33rd spots, as well as at the end of the second round if the Oilers are eliminated by the Avalanche.

Kent Hughes told reporters he wasn’t going to draft his son first overall after winning the lottery…but could he pick him with one of his other picks? If Hughes is the first in the list of the CH made there, everything is possible…

Note that according to Lefrançois, the young Hughes, a fan of Bruins, and Patrice Bergeron, by the way, may have to meet with Kent Hughes employees, not their father directly. They already know each other very well, let’s say…

“If they have the chance to recruit me, it’s important for the staff to know what kind of person I am, not just what kind of player I am. […] I wouldn’t mind being drafted by Montreal. I know my dad wouldn’t treat me any different than anyone else. He would be just one more motivator to show people that I wasn’t recruited just because he’s my father. – Jack Hughes, as reported by La Presse

Since it’s Martin Lapointe and Nick Bobrov who will decide who to recruit, and not Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, we can understand all of that.

Remember that Adam Lowry played for his father Dave this season in Winnipeg.

We must also remember that Kent Hughes was for a long time the coach of his boys

I see myself runner writing Jack Hughes of the Devils, Jack Hughes of the Canadian, Jack Hughes the son of Kent Hughes, etc. it would be easier for me to work if he was not recruited by the Canadians, eh eh #Professional Sloth

A lot of

– By the way!

– Is Shawn Simpson right?

– Wise words.

– The Jets have no intention of trading Mark Scheifele (despite rumors).

– 12,000 tickets have already been sold for this last game between Remparts and Cataractes in Quebec.

– The flu has reached the Alouettes.

– Let’s see then!

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