Host Shaun Starr (TSN 690) continues to harass Shea Weber

Host Shaun Starr (TSN 690) continues to harass Shea Weber

Today is June 24. Happy Saint John everyone!

I don’t know if it will have a better national holiday than in 2021. After all, the sanitary restrictions were more important last year, but the CH had given us one of the most beautiful moments in recent years through Artturi Lehkonen’s goal .

This year again, a link will be made between June 24 and NHL hockey. While we are normally entitled to a draft this time of year, in 2022 it will be more like 2021, a hockey game that will be on the menu.

On the one hand, there is the Tampa Bay Lightning who will try to avoid elimination. We are talking about a club that has many Quebecers in its formation, but also in its squad.

Of the other? We highlight the presence of Artturi Lehkonen, accustomed to big important goals in the series and who, as we remember, had propelled the CH in last year’s final on June 24 against the Knights.

And of course he now plays for the former Quebec Nordiques, who could win the Cup tonight.

But in Montreal, if we decide to focus only on Canadians, it’s not the same ambient. At the moment, CH is preparing its draft and preparing for its next season via transactions.

So far, among all the rumors circulating, there has only been one concrete move: Shea Weber vs. Evgenii Dadonov. General manager Kent Hughes finally managed to get Shea Weber’s contract out of the organization from him last week.

We focus more on the future since what has been done cannot be changed, but this is not the case for everyone. Shaun Starr, host of TSN 690 in Montreal, tweeted his unhappiness with the Shea Weber situation this morning.

How? Criticize the fact that Weber did not speak to the press outside the agreement. He believes such a “strong and fearless leader” should thank supporters not just through a statement, obviously.

Obviously, I don’t think I need to remind you that no one at the top of the NHL wants to see the defenseman speak. Even though Vegas has announced that he will be with the LTIR for four years, talking about Weber could get his feet wet.

He could also risk putting the NHL, the Players Association, the Predators, the Canadiens and even Las Vegas in trouble. Do the math and it’s not exactly worth it.

Basically, Weber isn’t the most emotional and making him talk has bigger implications. Honestly, he didn’t expect the defender to speak publicly in that context, and probably a lot of people did.

I find it so unfortunate to see some (unofficially) retired guy’s senior year marred by formalities, at the end.

A lot of

– Andre Burakovsky could play tonight. We’ll know before the game.

– Same for some guys in Tampa.

– The Cup is ready.

– Cody Glass and the Preds get along.

– A name to be reckoned with.

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