Noah |  Why you should read the new Marc Levy

Noah | Why you should read the new Marc Levy

Marc Levy publishes notthe third title of his trilogy 9. A fast-paced plot that plunges into the heart of an international conspiracy. Objective: destroy our democracies. Here are four good reasons to read this novel.

Goes well with the news.

As Marc Levy puts it, “Any resemblance to people who exist or who have already existed… Oh, and then shit.” Indeed, not it adheres quite well to the geopolitical reality of the moment. We reconnected with the team of nine hackers we met for the first time in it happened on the night of 2020, and is in the twilight of the beasts, in 2021. This time, a dictator named Loutchin (short for Lukashenko and Putin) is wreaking havoc in Belarus. A journalist wants to infiltrate the country. The nine hackers try to disrupt the plans of the dictator and his allies. Brexit is just one of many examples where Russian attacks are wreaking havoc on democracy. Note that not it was written before the invasion of Ukraine. Espionage, Russian oligarchs, imprisonment of dissidents, whistleblowers, freedom of the press… Even if one can read not without having read the first two volumes, why deprive yourself?

The facts on which it is based are fascinating.

Janice, the main character of not, is directly inspired by Carole Cadwalladr, to whom the novel is dedicated. This journalist from Guardian- whom Marc Levy found so fascinating that he got on a plane to have lunch with her in London, is the origin of the Cambridge-Analytica scandal. At a TED conference, the British journalist exposes the role of billionaire Arron Banks (Ayrton Cash in the novel) in the Brexit campaign, as well as his links with Russia. The latter took Cadwalladr to court. Marc Levy, who did a lot of research to write this novel, wanted to tell the story of this woman who has to fight alone while the guilty get off pretty well.

Marc Levy has woven a really exciting plot

Marc Levy has imagined a fast-paced plot that will delight lovers of espionage novels: cutting-edge technologies, encrypted messages, a gang leader with a hidden identity, car chases, chilling murders, and twists and turns of all kinds. It… All wrapped in a layer of exoticism because as in the two previous novels, the action takes place all over the globe: Kyiv, London, Tel-Aviv, Vilnius, Oslo, Minsk, Madrid, Rome… We go from a terrifying world and frozen prison to the warmth of Israel, from a back room to a London salon. We visualize very well a series of the genre killing eve whose action had repercussions in several important capitals. Precisely, the screenwriter Costa-Gavras showed his interest in the adaptation of 9 on the small screen. He has already finished adapting the first two books. We should know in September who will be the announcer. This will be the 89-year-old filmmaker’s first television series.

Despite everything, love still exists…

Regular Marc Levy readers rest easy: there is still love in the air. Despite the distance, and beyond their computer screens, hearts are beating in unison among the group of nine. Dangerous loves because it is assumed that these digital pirates do not know each other, much less meet. But no danger, not even planetary, can stop the beating of a heart. Marc Levy may have discovered the soul of a James Bond, but he is still a great romantic.

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