Don’t count on the Canadian to get the second option.

The 2022 NHL Draft is only 19 days away! Until then, rumors will fly everywhere and anticipation for the Canadian’s first choice will continue to grow.

We must admit that the fact that the playoff is in Montreal and that the team chooses first obviously generates a lot of emotion. The crowd will go wild when the selection is announced.

That’s why many predict that the Habs will also cause a sensation on the night of July 7. Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes will want to steal the show.

Various rumors have been circulating for the past few weeks that the Devils, who have the second choice in the auction, would be open to trading their pick.

The team has been in circles for years and the team owner wants to win now. Yesterday, insider Darren Dreger added fuel to the fire by mentioning that several teams in the league are wondering if the Canadian might not be tempted to purchase this option.

According to him, the Canadian simply has too many options (very true) and it is almost certain that they will try to improve their ranking in the selection. New Jersey would be willing to trade the pick and, in return, would want to get their hands on a high-quality player. Why would the Canadian not be tempted to perform this trick?

Because historically, this type of transaction never materializes.

Since 2004, no top 3 picks have been swapped once the pick order has been established.

In some cases, teams had the best picks in their hands, but the trades had been completed before the end of the season. The teams that had exchanged their choice therefore did not know that it would be so high. One can think back to when the Maple Leafs acquired Phil Kessel from the Bruins and one of the picks given became second overall (Tyler Seguin).

When we compare the trades that took place on the day of the draft, we see a certain trend. Trades occur when teams already have good ranks in the draft and want to move further. Rare are the moments when a team starts from afar and gives a lot to advance to the top-3.

Here are some examples:

2003: The Penguins trade third overall pick Mikael Samuelsson and a second-round pick to the Panthers for the first pick plus a third-round pick.

2002: The Panthers trade the first overall pick to the Blue Jackets for the third pick.

That’s it. Yes, it’s a fun transaction.

2001: The Islanders trade second pick Bill Muckalt and Zdeno Chara for Alexei Yashin.

Definitely one of the worst trades in league history.

1999: It was the year that Bryan Burke maneuvered to bring the Sedin brothers to Vancouver. It is quite complicated. He gave Bryan McCabe first and a first-round pick the following year to the Blackhawks for the fourth pick. He then traded that pick, plus two third-round picks for first overall. Ultimately, he traded the No. 1 pick to the Thrashers for No. 2.

What Burke accomplished in 1999 is incredible. However, the circumstances were unique, as the Sedins were eager to play together.

In short, for 20 years, this type of transaction simply never happens. When they came in the past, it was more often for a team that was already in the top 5 to advance.

There is the case of Alexei Yashin except that he was a special player. At the time, the islanders were also very poorly managed and renowned for their catastrophic transactions (Luongo, Palffy, etc.).

With picks 26, 33 and 62, the Canadian just doesn’t have enough to move up to second place. We need to add quality players. Aside from Caufield and Suzuki, who are untouchables, the Canadian doesn’t really have a player the Devils could be interested in.

Josh Anderson? Even with options, it wouldn’t be enough.

In short, even if the idea sounds very exciting, don’t expect the Habs to get their hands on the second option overall. They will definitely show up, but not that loud.

More realistically, one would expect them to climb into the top 15. It would still allow him to get his hands on a high-quality hope.

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