Jeff Marek wonders if Columbus would like to repatriate Josh Anderson

Jeff Marek wonders if Columbus would like to repatriate Josh Anderson

We transported ourselves to October 6, 2020. I celebrated my 23rd birthday, the next day, installed in my small room in the college residence where I was studying at the time. That day, Marc Bergevin decided to give me a very nice birthday present.

We learned that Max Domi had been traded to Columbus (along with a third-round pick) for Josh Anderson, a much-loved player throughout the league.

I liked Domi during her time in Montreal. In fact, I liked the first season of her in the metropolis. You know as much as I do that her second and last year with the CH was not very fruitful…

In exchange for a guy who played fourth on the team during the bubble edition of the playoffs, the Canadian received one of the few power forwards in the NHL. And most of the team’s fans shouted “Hooray! when everything was ready.

For good reason, by the way.

Finally, the Habs had their coveted power player in recent years. Taking a step back, we can conclude that Marc Bergevin won this transaction, as Domi never found his niche in Columbus and Anderson is proud to service the Montreal organization.

However, Bergevin is no longer in office and the Canadiens’ new direction has been clear: Let’s make room for young people to grow within the organization.

That said, despite himself, the team’s number 17 is at the center of multiple transaction rumors. That’s what made Jeff Marek wonder if the Blue Jackets would want to repatriate Anderson to Columbus.

Elliotte Friedman, a colleague of Marek’s, also asked the question.

According to their sources, the Jackets don’t seem too intrigued (yet) by one of their former players. The Sportsnet reporter reiterated that Jarmo Kekäläinen did not check with Kent Hughes to find out Anderson’s status… but he was getting calls to find out more about the number 17.

And in Friedman’s opinion, this only increases player value:

The nuance to bring all this up is this: Hughes loves Josh Anderson and doesn’t want to see him leave the organization. It would take a big comeback for the power forward to be compromised if we analyze the words of the Canadian’s GM.

“Several teams called Josh Anderson up and then he wasn’t traded. He can show him how much we love Josh and that we want him to be a part of the Canadiens organization. –Kent Hughes

The Blue Jackets, who are in a “mini” rebuilding period, would certainly welcome a player of Anderson’s caliber with open arms. The latter turns out to be an excellent veteran who seems to have a very, very good leadership.

The question begs: could Josh Anderson be traded this summer? At the very least, should a scenario arise, rest assured that Kent Hughes will get a huge return for his six-foot-three behemoth.

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