No excitement at Sunrise for the Panthers-Lightning series

No excitement at Sunrise for the Panthers-Lightning series

Since the start of the playoffs, no one can say we haven’t been pampered. Beyond the Canadian’s absence, it’s all there: robust and exciting play, exciting games, #7 games by the ton, beautiful goals, the Maple Leafs eliminated in the first round, etc.

And in the second round there are two issues with the battle of Alberta and Florida. For the spectacle and the hype around the series, it’s a very good thing.

But in fact, in Florida, the madness is quite rare.

According to Luc Gélinas, who covers the series on the site for RDS, there was no atmosphere on the site during Game #1 at Sunrise. Panthers fans weren’t too interested.

The RDS reporter compared the match, in terms of atmosphere, to a CH warm-up game against the Sabers. The crowd was not on board during the game.

Maybe it has to do with the Panthers not making a pregame showing, getting off to a bad start.

Imagine how out of place a Ben Chiarot must be, having just played three years in Montreal.

The journalist went on to say that normally, in the playoffs, every game provokes a reaction. But in Tuesday’s game? Not a thing. No one seemed interested in the game.

According to Gélinas, during the first lap they told him that there was enthusiasm in the team. People were involved and it was more enjoyable than what was experienced on Tuesday night.

And there, however, the Panthers take on the Lightning, a big club in the same state where hockey is fun to watch. Are the fans satisfied knowing that the club has won only four games? Obviously yes.

Will it be the same tonight? We must think so. Unless, as the reporter points out, sports fans were all at the Miami Heat (NBA) game, which had a big game on Tuesday night.

Maybe … but keep in mind that the Heat will play at home again tonight.

And yet, it’s not like true fans don’t have access to the arena, as tickets are affordable. A good ticket to the Rocket for the third round costs as much ($60) as a regular ticket to see the Panthers in the playoffs right now.

I call that accessible, me. So you have to consider the possibility that Florida just isn’t a huge hockey market, which we all know.


– Good news.

– Speaking of the Panthers.

– Claude Giroux likes to play in Florida.

– It is June 3 that we will know if Carey Price has won the Bill Masterton.

– A name to (continue) to monitor.

– Mike Smith will be in goal tomorrow.

– That’s a lot of hockey.

– Clearly.

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