WWE Women's Division: Triple H's first action - TVA Sports

WWE Women’s Division: Triple H’s first action – TVA Sports

The Paul “Triple H” Levesque era has officially begun.

And it was through the women’s division that Levesque wanted to send her first message.

He put Becky Lynch back on the side of the favorites. She brought Bayley back, she rehired Dakota Kai and promoted Io Shirai (Iyo Sky). Additionally, she opened her true, first, Raw with her most popular star, Lynch, and her champion, Bianca Belair, as well as giving this division plenty of room throughout the show. And finally, she would be about to bring back Sasha Banks and Naomi, who have been absent since May.

Focusing on the women’s division after the Vince McMahon accusations will not make up for the damage done to the victims. However, he sends the message that women are important in his company. And it’s not that Levesque was doing it for the wrong reasons. Along with Stephanie McMahon, he is one of those who allowed women to have a more important place within the organization, first with NXT, then in WWE.

On Saturday night, a friend of mine made me realize that Levesque really has all the control in WWE. He is not only the head of the creative team, but as his personnel director, he is also the one who will choose which talent he wants to sign or which talent he wants to mount from NXT.

A revitalized women’s division

And it is exactly a mixture of the two that we saw in SummerSlam and Raw.

Bayley’s return had been long overdue. She had been recovering from her injury for several weeks, but we had nothing for her. The re-signing of New Zealander Dakota Kai demonstrates how willing Levesque is to make amends for the mistakes made when she lost her power in WWE. Kai had been fired last April. So despite a name change, the arrival of Sky, who had been in NXT and would no doubt have returned to her native Japan had she not been promoted, also shows how much we want to improve the women’s division of Raw and SmackDown.

We also gave Alexa Bliss and Asuka a better role, two fighters who weren’t going anywhere since their respective returns. With Bianca Belair, they will be the answer to the trio of Bayley, Kai and Sky. In fact, between promos, interviews, two fights and two altercations, the Raw women’s division was given a lot of time on Monday night.

I particularly liked the double disqualification in the match for Belair and Sky, rather than, say, a Belair disqualification win because heels would have intervened. It was a good fight and the double disqualification helps the future of this rivalry even more. Failing to win the Sky title, it was the best ending possible.

The only downside to all of this is Becky’s injury. In her match with Belair, she dislocated her right shoulder and will have to miss a few months. Hence the importance of having more depth in this division. You never know when an injury may occur.

For their part, Banks and Noami had left, because they verified that they were misused, an issue that must be resolved with Levesque. The only thing missing is the return of Charlotte Flair to complete the whole thing and I imagine it will be sooner rather than later. With everything we’ve done for the women’s division of Raw, I wouldn’t be surprised if these three women, or some of them, return to SmackDown this Friday.

The next male stars

On the men’s side, we can already see who will be the new talents that Levesque will give opportunities to: their names are Montez Ford, Dominik Mysterio, Logan Paul and Ciampa.

With his physical change, reminiscent of Barry Bonds in the 1990s, Ford has all the qualities necessary to become a star. On Raw, we first saw him wanting to break out in singles, when he ran past Angelo Dawkins a bit so he could accept a match against The Miz. And even if he lost this game, you have to think long term. We are on the eve of seeing Ford turn on his partner.

In the same type of ideas, we are getting closer to a change of attitude on the part of Dominik Mysterio. He suffered the loss on Raw, as well as being accidentally hit by Edge. I think Judgment Day will be a guild where he could find his account and start his career as a villain.

For his part, Logan Paul’s outstanding performance at SummerSlam silenced many of his detractors. And for the first time, he was really cheered by the crowd. Maybe he has a baby-faced future after all? But regardless, he has shown that he has the talent to work in WWE.

Most importance in the United States title

Levesque killed two birds with one stone with Ciampa’s two wins on Raw.

First, he puts his cards on the table: Ciampa will have his chance. He is one of those Levesque will want to protect. Don’t forget that when Ciampa did

his last match in NXT on WrestleMania weekend, Levesque had come out to congratulate him.

Ciampa won a triple threat match to then beat AJ Styles, not by outside count as he feared would come late in the fight, but by pinfall, right in the middle of the arena. He will get a championship match for the United States title next week against Bobby Lashley. Having The Miz by his side makes up for any shortcomings he may have, while also ensuring that he truly hates the crowd.

Likewise, we put a lot of emphasis on the US title. A promotional video featuring some of the greatest United States champions in history was first shown. Then we had two playoff triple threat matches and one between the winner of those two fights, plus we had Booker T on commentary, who won that title four times.

Levesque knows very well that with a Unified Champion who is mostly on SmackDown and has a reduced schedule, he needs to have a strong Singles Championship on Raw and this is a great way to do it.

A good SummerSlam

I really liked SummerSlam.

It wasn’t a perfect event, but I thought you heard right. It started off strong with Lynch taking on Belair, as well as comebacks from Bayley and company. We wanted to send a message from the beginning of the program.

Then, we continue with the fight of the evening between Paul and The Miz. Also, the first two games were, for me, the best two.

We didn’t last long in the match between Lashley and Theory, Mysterio vs. Judgment Day saw the predictable, but expected return of Edge, while Pat McAfee put in an honest performance against Happy Corbin. There’s a difference between going up against a guy like Adam Cole or even Theory and going up against Corbin. He appeared in this match, the former footballer’s worst since his arrival in WWE.

We continue to lay the groundwork for a potential change in attitude from Ford in the match between The Usos and Street Profits, while taking the opportunity to set Ronda Rousey as heel in her match against Liv Morgan. A good decision, since she dominates this role more. I admit I was surprised we kept the belt on Morgan, but with everything going on in this division, I hope it was the right decision.

The final will have been entertaining. A much longer match than I expected as previous matches between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have averaged 12 minutes. On Saturday night, we were invited to a party of 23

minutes. Good fight, punctuated by Lesnar, who, driving a mechanical shovel, managed to lift a corner of the arena, a rather disconcerting scene. The visual was something to behold!

In the end, Reigns survived and beat Lesnar, which we suspected, and will face Drew McIntyre on September 3 in Wales. For his part, Lesnar’s future remains uncertain. He is on the promotional poster for the special event on January 1st, which is a good sign, but at the same time, a lot can happen in five months.

The end of an era, on several levels

What I especially remembered from SummerSlam was the subtle messages we sent to the old management.

In addition to the women’s division, we’ve seen the return of the terms “wrestling” and “fans” to the detriment of “sports entertainment” and “the WWE Universe.” Vince McMahon was almost obsessed with the language his talents used.

I also liked a conversation between Corey Graves and Michael Cole:

– Cole, I liked you better when you weren’t allowed to have an opinion!

– Has changed. Much has changed!

Obviously, this exchange refers to the commentators used to have McMahon in their ears, constantly telling them what to do and how to say it, while yelling at them over their headsets.

That era is now over.

Although not everything will change with a snap of the fingers, the 2022 edition of SummerSlam, and the Raw that followed, mark the arrival on the throne of Paul Levesque. He is firmly in his shoes and for the first time in a while, the future looks very bright in WWE.

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