The probability of Jeff Petry leaving the Canadiens is slim.

The probability of Jeff Petry leaving the Canadiens is slim.

We have known since the end of 2021 that Jeff Petry does not feel comfortable in Montreal and would like a change of scenery, perhaps to return to the United States to join his family. The problem in Petry’s case isn’t his production — he finished the season with a good point total — but his salary and age are often too high for teams that no longer have cap space.

Marc-Antoine Godin of The Athletic weighed in on Petry’s potential destinations and offered move possibilities to each of those teams.

Teams that want to improve defensively and pay Petry often have large payrolls, limiting new spending. At 34 years old and on a $6.25 million contract through 2024-25, Jeff Petry is limiting his landing options.

Godín starts with the most probable team according to him; pittsburgh penguins After a first-round elimination, the Penguins should make a lot of changes and the departure of Evgeni Malkin, Bryan Rust and Kristopher Letang is on the line.

The good news is that it leaves room on the payroll for all that. The worst thing is that if they get rid of these players, it is to turn towards youth. At 34 years old, Petry is therefore not the ideal choice. He remains the most credible option according to Godin, who gives a 5/10 odds on a trade to Pittsburgh.

The problem is that after the Penguins, there is no other team that scores above 4/10 in probability.

The other option is to send Petry to a struggling team looking for a quality veteran defender. We think in particular of the Kraken, the Red Wings or the Sabers. These teams have under-cap space, but are mostly based on young players. Still, an offer from a lower-cost, weaker defender could help both teams. On the one hand, CH will benefit from more room for manoeuvre, and on the other, from a quality defender line-up to help develop their young players. It would still be amazing if that happened.

Eventually, a midrange team might be interested in the services of a player of Petry’s caliber to give them a short-term advantage, but it would be surprising to see a team spend the rest of their space under the massive salary on a 34-year-old defender. years as he approaches the free agent market.

In any case, Kent Hughes and the Canadians will have to rack their brains to find a destination for Jeff Petry. Yes, we want to help Petry find a new home, but we must not forget that he belongs to CH and the team will not give gifts to other teams to accommodate him.


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