Chris Wideman believes in the direction taken by the CH staff

Chris Wideman believes in the direction taken by the CH staff

Newly signed by the Canadian, Chris Wideman spoke to the media around 4 pm

Obviously, the defender is very excited and happy to be back. He did well last year by being a power play specialist and a great teammate.

But going back to his media presence this afternoon, he thinks Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will get Canadians to the promised land faster than people think. He also added that he liked the atmosphere in a 32nd-ranked team, “just imagine next year when the team is going to win.” It seems clear that the 2021-2022 season was just a misstep and that Montreal will be more competitive in 2022.

When Marc Bergevin signed Wideman to a one-year deal, the defenseman knew it might be his last chance in the NHL. With a season of 27 points in 64 games, we can say that the American has succeeded in his mission, which is to show that he can play in the league.

On his last night in Montreal as the season ended, Wideman told his wife that he saw himself in the metropolis in the future.

the boy likes it a lot potholes Montreal atmosphere.

The one who wore the number 20 this season is aware that his number will never be retired in the heights of the Bell Center, but he wants to be a player who will always be recognized as a good teammate. He wants the team to be in a better position when he leaves the organization.

Wideman will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2023-24 season.

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