Against a cyber attack, this antivirus makes you invincible

To avoid cyber attacks, whether on Windows or Mac, it is better to protect yourself effectively. If you have an Apple computer and don’t know which solution to turn to, we invite you to discover Intego, the French antivirus publisher specializing in MacOS, which has 34 million users worldwide.

It’s a fact, the more time you spend on the Internet, the more likely you are to become a target for cybercriminals. To avoid a leak of your personal data, go through phishing attempts and other ransomware, it is better to have effective protection. If you have a Mac, be aware that there is a dedicated antivirus that has been very successful for quite a few years now.

And it is a French company that publishes it, Intego. In business for 25 years, Intego has specialized in cybersecurity solutions for Apple computers. Its antivirus has also been awarded several times by cybersecurity experts, and the company has no less than 34 million users worldwide.

For effective protection, forget about free antiviruses. They do not offer the same level as the best antivirus on the market, which are usually paid. In addition to offering a higher level of security, Intego is accessible to the general public. If the annual subscription usually costs 49.99 euros, today the antivirus for Mac Intego is only 19.99 euros.

This is equivalent to less than two euros per month. In addition, Intego offers you a free 30-day trial period so you can familiarize yourself with its antivirus software and convince yourself of its effectiveness at the same time.

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Intego: the best solution for Mac

Therefore, Intego represents the best security solution to date for people with a MacOS computer. Antivirus software for Mac provides 24/7 protection, including a built-in smart firewall for home and public network protection. Among the functionalities it has, we find a system that allows you to avoid the collection of your data by third-party applications.

Very easy to install, it offers an intuitive design that helps you adopt the best level of security. With solid experience, Intego can detect, identify, and eradicate threats on your Mac. Even the latest ones as its database is regularly updated. This allows you to always be protected, no matter what happens.

In addition to being ultra-efficient, Intego is also very discreet. It gets the job done discreetly and doesn’t interrupt your productivity. Unlike some antiviruses, it’s not intrusive and shows pop-ups only when it’s really necessary (to ask you to confirm an important action, for example).

To go further, you can also take a look at Intego’s all-in-one solution: Mac Premium Bundle X9. And precisely, it is also the subject of an interesting promotion since it costs only 29.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros per year. Specifically, it includes Intego antivirus for Mac as well as a suite of software, each one more useful than the other.

Thus, we find Washing Machine X9 cleaning software, which cleans and speeds up your Mac up to 3 times. ContentBarrier X9, a parental control software suitable for child safety online. And Personal Backup 10.9, a bootable backup tool for Mac that, among other things, automatically backs up all files essential to the proper functioning of your Apple computer.

In the same way that its Intego antivirus gives you a 30-day free trial to test its Mac Premium Bundle X9 solution. Finally, please note that all Intego offers are non-binding. Therefore, you can cancel at any time, at no additional cost.

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