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As every six months, Teamfight Tactics is renewed with a new set. It gives way to Set number 7 of TFT, titled Dragonlands. This set wants to take all the hits from Gadgets in Madness, particularly the augments, while adding dragons to them. But also taking a lot of creative liberties, even if it means creating a lot of new synergies in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Dragonlands, TFT Set 7.

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New features and mechanics of Dragonlands


Yes, big surprise. A set called Dragonlands contains dragons. But how League of Legends contains only two dragon champions, the developers had to improvise. Because there are 7 dragons in total available in the set. So new models were created from scratch, like for Silco during 6.5.

So far, these new dragons are extremely similar. Same basic model, an improved Galio version, and very similar tones. Expect a lot of confusion for the first few days of testing until they get a little visual update. This is currently the big drawback of the set.

On the other hand, on the gaming side there is something to be said. Dragons are separate units, with an origin only triggering if you only have one dragon. A bit like the Ninjas in their time. Each Dragon has an origin for which it counts triple, and has extra VP. In return, it takes up two places on the board and costs twice as much. Which makes buying a rank 5 dragon like Shyvana cost 10 gold, just that.

The fervor of the dragons has also reached the PvE rounds. Instead of birds of prey, you will find in round 4-7 an arsenal of dragons. You will be offered five bonuses. This can range from item components to gold, or even entire items. If it suits you, you take everything with you. Otherwise, you can reroll everything for 1 gold, and this to infinity. Certainly a sore spot on the balance side, and one that is monitored by the developers. Because as it stands, you can re-roll as long as you have the finances, to find the items you’re missing and force a precise composition.

The raises are back

Signing of Game 6, the increases are present again. It must be said that they greatly contributed to bringing the previous Set to life, allowing it to break audience records over time. But some small adjustments have been made.

First of all, the time of its appearance. From now on, you will have to choose during rounds 2-1, 3-2 and 4-2. And if you are not satisfied with the proposals that are made to you, you have one reroll per game. Of course always in the same quality, you will not transform a silver magnification into a prismatic one.

In addition, the average level of increases has been revised upwards. On average, you will find gold boosts in your games, rather than silver during Set 6. This should allow for more strategies and see fewer completely useless options.

Finally, two systemic changes to the game are coming, Neeko’s Helping Hand changes its name, to avoid confusion when the champion is available in a Set, as is the case with the seventh. And items that steal life (physical or magical) become items that give omnivampirism, and thus heal regardless of the source of the damage.

When does TFT Set 7 come out?

Dragonlands is scheduled for patch 12.11, which will hit live servers on June 8, 2022. On the PBE side, it will be available starting May 24 at night. For those who want to play it from the test servers, don’t forget that the PBE is usually under maintenance every night around 7:00 pm for one to four hours.

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