First Pick: All Three Potential CH Targets Dissected - TVA Sports

First Pick: All Three Potential CH Targets Dissected – TVA Sports

As time goes on, it becomes clear that three specific prospects are at the center of the Canadiens’ leaders’ final discussions regarding the first overall pick in the 2022 draft.

We’re talking about center Shane Wright, the Kingston Frontenacs in the Ontario Junior League, winger Juraj Slafkovsky, TPS Turku in the SM-liiga, and center Logan Cooley from the American development program.

On the occasion of a Twitter poll conducted on Thursday, journalist Anthony Martineau, out of curiosity, asked people what their choice would be among the three skaters mentioned above.

See his full intervention on “JiC” in the main video.

The results were unequivocal, with 80% of the 4,000 respondents indicating their support for Shane Wright’s candidacy.

a damper

Martineau then followed up with three more investigations asking people how often they had seen Wright, Slafkovsky and Cooley play this season, specifying that “it had to be a full game and not ‘just highlights’.”

Result: Around 75% of the participants admitted to having seen these players in action only three times or less in the last 12 months.

“These results don’t surprise me”, Anthony Martineau launched for the first time, passing through the “JiC” group.

“People have busy lives and tight-knit routines. It’s completely normal for him. exploration not be among their main concerns.

“But when I see that Wright has 80% support and I understand that three out of four people have seen the top 3 in this draft play less than three times this year, I think we have to go there with an update. Positive point: be it Whichever CH’s choice is in the next play-off (between Wright, Slafkovsky or Cooley), it is very likely that the club will improve significantly in the years to come.

“These three players have great qualities on and off the ice. They’re not at the top of their crop for nothing.”

Three different players, but full of talent

Martineau, at this point, began his comprehensive analysis of the three contenders for the top pick. Having covered the NHL Combine in Buffalo, he was able to meet them all face-to-face and get a sense of their personalities.

Shane Wright

On ice :

“An elite wrist shot, great game vision and consistent impact for 200 feet. His decision-making is also a great strength, in his case.


“The guy showed up 15 minutes early during our interview at the Combine. He has a winning attitude/aura and is professional to the max. He is also very witty and comfortable in front of the cameras and that is very important in Montreal.

Juraj Slavkovsky

On ice :

“Monster size, very good hands and scores in many ways, whether it’s through his good wrist strike or his ease in tight spaces.”


“As safe as possible, very relaxed. He is charismatic and plays with the camera. He has joked several times in a language that is not his. It’s really something to consider, in my opinion.”

Logan Cooley

On ice :

“So dynamic, so fast. He has fast hands and a very accurate throw.


“Very different from Wright and Slafkovsky. He is calm and collected, even somewhat intimidated by the media. But that can always change in the years to come. However, he is very competitive and rigorous in training. During the bike trials at the Combine, he never wanted to give up against all five of his opponents. He wanted at all costs to be the last to leave his bike and so he did. He greatly impressed the recruiters with his stamina.

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