Max Pacioretty describes Marc Bergevin as a passionate person

Max Pacioretty describes Marc Bergevin as a passionate person

Although he often seemed like a cold man during press conferences and interviews, we know Marc Bergevin was involved when he was the Canadian’s general manager.

We had proof of this many times during the playoffs in 2021, when the former defender got emotional during the Habs’ magical ride.

was one boss who had a deep attachment to his employees and this is a quality that can never be taken away from him.

During his recent visit to the Raw Knuckles Podcast From Chris Nilan, Max Paciorrety testified about this trait of the former GM:

When Bergevin arrived in Montreal, everyone was drawn to his passion. He was a fiery person who was very emotional. We saw him cry several times, as well as see him frantic many times.

It is clear that this passion described by the attacker also had repercussions on the ice. When he arrived in Montreal, Bergevin hadn’t put together the most talented team, but it was a group of players who performed with tremendous passion and energy.

Yes, the team was led by stars like Pacioretty, Subban, Price and Markov. But it was also the Gallaghers, Weises and Bouillons of this world, players who were not the most talented, but who gave themselves every night, who allowed the team to be so successful.

However, Bergevin was such a passionate man and “in love” with his players that some believe it worked against him.

Nilan is one of those who adhere to this theory:

I always had the impression that Bergevin was so afraid that his players would have to keep up with the greats of the organization that he tried too hard to protect them.

This is something the former CH CEO is often blamed for. Under his leadership, we felt a certain distance between the players, the media and the fans. Public interviews and appearances were infrequent, and players had little opportunity to show their personality.

Also, we felt that the organization had distanced itself from its elders.

However, since the arrival of Gorton, Hughes and Machabée, things are slowly changing and an era of openness seems to be taking hold.

At the end of his reign, this commitment by Bergevin to the players he loved also resulted in poor contract management. Alors qu’à son entrée en poste, he is recognized as a fin négociateur (six years and $39 million at Price, six years and $27 million at Pacioretty and six years at $22.5 million at Gallagher), the situation is gâtée next.

Possibly blinded by the desire to win and his attachment to some of his employees, horrible contracts were given.

Today, it is the new contracts awarded to Price (eight years, $84 million) and Gallagher (six years, $39 million) that are handcuffing the organization.

His gamble almost paid off, but unfortunately the Lightnings are too powerful.

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