[EN IMAGES] FEQ: chased from the Llanos by the rain, Luis Fonsi sings in the Armory

[EN IMAGES] FEQ: chased from the Llanos by the rain, Luis Fonsi sings in the Armory

SlowlyIt will be for another time. On the Plains of Abraham at least. After the cancellation of his concert due to a violent storm on Thursday night, Luis Fonsi went to sing at the Armory, sheltered from the rain.

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The Puerto Rican-born star was briefly joined by DJ Alex Sensation on stage, which was scheduled for the night as part of the FEQ extras, much to the delight of the 800 lucky people who managed to sneak inside.

“Technically, it is not possible to do a concert. He will do what he can under the circumstances,” Summer Festival programming director Louis Bellavance had previously warned.

Luis Fonsi appeared around 11:30 p.m., about forty minutes after Alex Sensation’s performance began.

“Bonsoir Québec,” he exclaimed, a Joe Sakic Nordiques T-shirt on his back. “I wanted to see you anyway, I wanted to be close to you,” she added before creating a singing frenzy. blame me Y Slowly.

“I love you Quebec,” Fonsi then launched, before leaving, promising to return soon.

The flood

This hastily improvised performance partially saved the first Latin evening in the history of the FEQ, which had just failed due to a deluge that the weather forecast had not foreseen.

Luis Fonsi eagerly awaited this first concert of his career. He had even prepared a specially designed song lineup for the Plains.

The rain began to fall at the end of singer Becky G’s concert as the opening act.

The rains quickly intensified and after some lightning and thunder, the organization of the Summer Festival ordered the evacuation of the place, around 9:20 p.m.

The FEQ’s other outdoor stages, where Lil Tecca and Gros Mené performed, were also evacuated.

Luis Fonsi, therefore, suffered the same fate as Foo Fighters in 2015 and Imagine Dragons in 2019, except that he didn’t even have time to sing a single song in the Llanos.

Will he be back for an upcoming FEQ? Louis Bellavance did not rule out this possibility.

Becky G: Extravagant

It’s a shame because the night had gotten off to a good start. The young Californian Becky G, pop star and reggaeton in Spanish with songs that have hundreds of millions of reproductions, offered an extravagant first part.

Photo Agency QMI, René Leclerc

After letting her DJ pump up the crowd for about ten minutes, the 25-year-old artist went all out as soon as we saw her appear to the sound of so-and-so. A troupe of energetic dancers, jets of flame and smoke, bright red costumes, rousing beats, viewers immediately knew they would have little chance to catch their breath.

The only time the singer slowed down, she went down to the floor to perform the ballad. pains shaking hands Some admirers could barely contain her emotions at seeing him so close to her.

Then the party resumed and Becky G was able to play her hits Shower Y mamiiii just before the flood.

Alex Sensation: Party Hell

Was it the first part of Luis Fonsi or an extension of the electro evening of the previous day? One thing is certain, Colombian DJ Alex Sensation, who does not yet have a Wikipedia page, led one hell of a party at the beginning of the evening.

Alternating classic house, Latin and rock hits, ranging from LMFAO to Queen to Bad Bunny, he kept his world on its toes from start to finish of his set creating an all-in atmosphere on the Plains. Festival goers near the stage danced and sang their hearts out.

As a warm-up session, you can hardly ask for more.

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