A designated driver hooked on alcohol?

A designated driver hooked on alcohol?

A 22-year-old woman acting as the designated driver after an evening out with friends was seriously injured and lost her partner in a violent head-on collision caused by a driver suspected of driving while intoxicated.

“My daughter and her husband have done their best to act responsibly. And in a fraction of a second, their beautiful life projects were shattered, ”said Kathy Beaumier.

On May 22, Yannik Duval died in a traffic accident in Rouyn-Noranda.  His wife Vicky Beaumier was seriously injured.

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On May 22, Yannik Duval died in a traffic accident in Rouyn-Noranda. His wife Vicky Beaumier was seriously injured.

On the night of May 21-22, his daughter Vicky Beaumier was traveling with her lover on Témiscamingue Boulevard in Rouyn-Noranda when her car was hit head-on by an oncoming vehicle that allegedly swerved out of her way.


Yannik Duval and Vicky Beaumier had been in a relationship for five years and were thinking of starting a family.

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Yannik Duval and Vicky Beaumier had been in a relationship for five years and were thinking of starting a family.

The force of the impact set the couple’s vehicle on fire. Vicky managed to get out of the car despite the severity of her injuries. Her partner, Yannik Duval, 23, was caught in the flames and died.

“My daughter has to fight to get her health back, but she also has to live with Yannik’s death. A broken heart cannot be healed,” said Kathy Beaumier.

His daughter suffered multiple fractures to her legs, eight ribs, one hip and one foot. She also has a broken knee.

The other driver, a 22-year-old man from Rouyn-Noranda, was also seriously injured. Shortly before the fatal collision, he would have been driving erratically, as he was seen driving in the opposite lane, we learned.

A blood sample was then taken. The Sûreté du Québec police will try to determine if he was driving with a disability when he crashed into the car driven by Vicky.

Bad selection

“Accidents, I know it’s possible. But if what happened to my daughter and Yannik is the fault of a person who made a bad choice, it is unacceptable, it could have been avoided, ”said Kathy Beaumier.

The night of the tragedy, her daughter and her boyfriend were returning from an evening with friends in a sandbox. Yannik had been drinking, but not Vicky. Thus, the young man left his truck at the scene and returned home with his spouse.

It was midway that they were involved in the fatal collision.

With summer just beginning and bringing its share of festive events, Mme Beaumier urges drivers to take responsibility.

“With proms, camp parties or barbecues, we have to send a message: light up! When we drink, we don’t drive. Make the right decisions,” he said.

“To those who want to take the car after drinking, I say: ‘Think of my daughter who is going to fight to get her health back. And to Yannik who is no longer here to continue her story with her, “added her mother.

destroyed projects

A couple of five years, Yannik, who worked in a mine, and Vicky, who is doing a degree in criminology, had recently owned a home.

“All his life projects were launched, it’s a real shame. The family project was coming. They had bought the house in anticipation of this. They were a responsible couple, they deserved to continue for a long time,” said Kathy Beaumier, through tears.

“My daughter will have to rebuild her life, learn to live accepting what she cannot change,” the mother whispered.

bad driving record

At just 22 years old, the driver who allegedly caused a fatal frontal crash in Abitibi-Témiscamingue is an offender who has accumulated serious violations of the Road Safety Code since 2018 (see other text above).

Despite his young age, the individual has already had a heavy foot on a few occasions, in addition to driving recklessly and even having his license suspended.

Reckless driving

In 2019, he had to pay a $1,000 fine for reckless driving. The circumstances of this crime are unknown, but according to the Road Safety Code, it is any speed or action likely to endanger the life or safety of a person.

This time, not only was he driving recklessly, but he was driving without the right to do so, since he had lost his driver’s license.

heavy foot

In the summer of 2018, in just a few weeks, he received three speeding tickets. He once drove at 120 km/h in zone 90, another time at 124 km/h in zone 90. He was also intercepted when he had reached the speed of 84 km/h when the speed limit was 50.

In recent years, the young man has also been kidnapped twice by the police for not paying his registration.

We are refraining from naming him as he is not currently facing any charges in connection with the fatal collision in Rouyn-Noranda on May 22.

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