The CH does not hesitate to test hopes during interviews

The CH does not hesitate to test hopes during interviews

There are several ways teams can assess young talent during pre-NHL Draft interviews. The main goal is still to unsettle them, to see how they react when caught off guard.

During his time in Montreal, Marc Bergevin did not hesitate to be a little tougher on the young players during these interviews. He and Trevor Timmins, in addition to their big biceps that impressed many young people, used to ask difficult questions, sometimes even a little ridiculous to see how the applicants would react.

And according to Anthony Martineau of TVA Sports, the Canadian’s new management wouldn’t be afraid to test the youngsters either.

It was the young Maveric Lamoureux who gave this information to the TVA Sports journalist. What’s interesting is that many think Lamoureux could still be available when the Habs speak at the 26. me range and that he would be a prime target.

TVA Sports has already put together a list of youngsters who might be available at this range who would be interesting to the Habs.

Personally, if David Goyette, who is among the names mentioned, is still available, I thank heaven and select him without hesitation. I’d even go as far as advancing a few rows so I could carry him if he ever slips, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

It must also be said that in addition to the 26me range, the Canadian also drafts at the 33me range. The Canadian can sacrifice some options to advance, as I just mentioned. Jeff Gorton, unlike Marc Bergevin, never bothered to do it.

In summary, I understand that having the first option, in general, is very exciting. But the Canadian has a chance, with this draft, to get one of the best benches of hope in the entire NHL.

And you can’t miss it.

A lot of

– Wants to keep them in Arizona

– Can’t wait to see him in action again.

– Interesting.

– I like it.

– Two good guys.

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