How to prepare and use brown butter at home - TELES RELAY

How to prepare and use brown butter at home – TELES RELAY

If you are a fan of butter, you cannot miss the following recipe. It has optimal organoleptic characteristics and can be consumed alone and as an accompaniment.

Last update : June 25, 2022

Hazelnut butter manages to improve the organoleptic characteristics of many dishes thanks to its light roasted flavor. It is a product that can be prepared at home in a simple way with few ingredients, obtaining an excellent result in a few minutes.

We are going to teach you how to prepare it and get the most out of an ingredient that can become essential in the kitchen.

Hazelnut butter recipe

Before starting, it is important to keep in mind that butter is not bad for your health, as has been stated for many years. The important thing is to avoid subjecting it to high temperatures for long periods of time to avoid a change in the spatial configuration of its fatty acids.

As mentioned, choosing quality butter is important. One option is to use the Bio type, which goes through a series of strict controls throughout the product manufacturing process that guarantees good treatment of the ingredients.

Hazelnut butter works great with a spread. Also, can be used to cook various poultry dishes, I eat chicken. Of course, keep in mind that this is a very energetic ingredient; therefore, it can be included in the guide sparingly. Find out how to prepare it!

Brown butter is so easy to make at home with just two ingredients.

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To make brown butter, the following products will be needed:


Step by Step

  1. Put the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Cook until it turns a color similar to dark brown.
  3. During the process, a foam may form on the surface.
  4. Once the butter has browned, it will gradually take on a nutty flavor.
  5. Correct the salt and serve all the contents of the pan in a container.
  6. Put the butter in the fridge to solidify again.
  7. Once it reaches its optimum texture, you can serve it.


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Brown Butter Considerations

The quality of the original butter is crucial so that the grinding result is not harmful to health. An adequate profile of fatty acids will better resist heatpreventing the formation of trans lipids inside.

These compounds manage to increase the levels of inflammation in the internal environment, favoring the development of complex pathologies. This is shown by a survey published in the magazine BMJ.

Of course, fats should not be abused. It does not matter because they represent about 30% of daily calories, but it is always necessary to ensure a state of balance.

Take special care that the butter does not burn to prevent the development of harmful trans fats.

On the other hand, keep in mind that a light-colored pot should be used to prepare the hazelnut butter. It is important to pay attention to cooking times and temperatures. Although it is essential that it acquires the tan tone, it must not burn.

In this case, harmful trans fats would be generated inside that should be avoided. In the same way, it will have to be transferred quickly to another container when it is ready, to prevent it from sticking.

Brown butter, a different accompaniment

As you have seen, it’s easy to make homemade brown butter, a version of the classic butter with a toasted touch and a different but very pleasant flavor. It will be ideal to accompany with bread or to be used in different meat recipes.

It can even go well with stews, providing its organoleptic characteristics. It keeps pretty well in the fridge, so you can make a moderate amount to store in the fridge later.

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