Kirby Dach is working hard to improve his shot this summer

Kirby Dach is working hard to improve his shot this summer

Kirby Dach was recently on former NHL All-Star Game MVP John Scott’s podcast.

Scott asked Dach to describe himself as a player and this is what the 21-year-old center replied:

I am a great central right-hander who plays both ways. Offensively, I consider myself a smart player who is more of a midfielder.

Personally, this description reminds me a bit of Shane Wright, but hey, I’m not here to start a debate.

We shouldn’t expect the former Blackhawks to become an 80-point-per-year scorer, but it’s realistic to think he could post 50 or 60, along with evolving outnumbered.

With Suzuki ahead of him, he won’t have the pressure to become the first center like he did in Chicago, but he could very well play the role of second.

Or third if the Habs get their hands on Pierre-Luc Dubois?

When Kent Hughes concluded the trade for Dach, many noted that the latter’s two biggest weaknesses were probably his effectiveness on faceoffs and his shooting.

As my colleague Félix Forget pointed out in the text quoted above, last year he only won 32% of his duels in the face-to-face circle…

As for his shot, some criticize the young centre-back for his lack of opportunism in the opposing zone. He sometimes shoots at the net too early and just doesn’t make the right call.

In three years and 152 games in the NHL, the young Albertan has only scored 19 goals. At 7.8%, his efficiency percentage in this area isn’t impressive.

Even when he was playing in Saskatoon in the youth ranks, Dach wasn’t a sniper. In 133 games in the WHL he scored 38 goals, maintaining an efficiency of 11.6%. We’re talking about junior goalkeepers here, some of whom don’t even play hockey anymore…

But the number 77 is fully aware that he needs to improve this facet of his game:

I work in my field all summer. I try to find different ways to score and create scoring chances.

Sometimes it happens that athletes have obvious flaws, but refuse to correct them. HASIn basketball, Ben Simmons is a well-known example.

But when an athlete publicly admits that he is a problem and works on it, he should be commended. Don’t expect Dach to become a 40-goal scorer, but if he improves a bit on that front, the Canadian and his fans will be very happy.

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