ALG - IRN (2-1): The notes of the Greens

ALG – IRN (2-1): The notes of the Greens

In a completely new configuration, the National Team beat Iran for this third and final match of the international break in June 2022. If Algeria won, above all they learned a lot.

Yes, it is possible to try many times and play well…while winning the victory dear to the heart of any competitor. This bet was assumed by Djamel Belmadi when he lined up a completely new eleven for the friendly match that pitted his team against Iran, qualified for the 2022 World Cup and a rival recognized for the quality of his defense.

In a fairly classic 4-3-3, the green coach opted for many strong decisions. Thus, of the eleven starters, eight have less than ten selections (!) and three of them (Mandréa, Zedadka and Kadri) even know their first layer.

However, the game of the Greens was licked and exciting. Obviously, not everything was perfect, but the combinations offered, the movements, the play in the transfer and the numerous defensive interventions are other promising axes for the future. We had fun and want more!

antonio mandrea (6): For his first appearance for Algeria, Mandréa was not perfect, especially in his movements, but he was attentive and even decisive after a mistake by Bedrane. Bye!

Akim Zedadka (6): It was very often, because his case had been controversial in recent months, and he would not have been exempt from any reproach. If he did not make a big mistake, Zedadka did not shine either and above all he was content to defend well. A first solid, therefore, but discreet.

Mohamed-Amine Tougai (7.5): What a match for the ES Tunis player! Solid, fast, well placed, he cut down countless Iranian attacks. In line with his good performances in the Arab Cup, Tougaï is establishing himself a little more in the National Team.

Abdelkader Bedrane (6): The boss behind this was him. He will have known some slip-ups though, notably a botched clearance that forced Mandréa to step in, but as usual Bedrane was reliable. Replaced by yanis hamache at 61′, now international A but who did not have the opportunity to stand out.

ahmed tuba (7.5): He is also the great climb of the moment and slowly but surely begins to be essential in Green. Replaced at left back, Touba was very diligent defensively, winning a lot of aerial duels, but also technically flawless. Whether on the axis or on the side, he is clearly installed.

Ishmael Bennacer (7.5): Captain of the day (and night), Bennacer was very, very dominant in midfield. It’s simple: all Algerian offensives have passed through him. The holidays are now well deserved for the Italian champion!

as well as zorgan (6): Still pretty hard to pin down, as he can make some serious mistakes and then perform a high-class emote, but the fact is that Zorgane has a very useful game-seeing ability for Algeria. Substituted at half-time by Ramiz Zerrouki (6.5), which solidified the spaces that Zorgane left when trying to bring danger offensively.

Abdelkhar Kadri (6.5): What a first! Outclassed technically, Kadri will have experienced some glitches, unavoidable for a neophyte in the green jersey, but he will also have been untenable by his calls, counter calls and combination attempts. Replaced at 61′ by Adam Ounas, explosive and dizzying as always with Algeria. It’s time to find a club where Mr. Ounas flourishes!

Rachid Ghezzal (6): Sometimes clumsy, Ghezzal has, however, a really interesting view and that could lead him to become a midfielder. He too should have gotten a penalty in the half hour. Replaced by billel omrani in the 71st minute, the former Marseille player having had the opportunity to score but also being appreciated for his defensive returns late in the game.

Billal Brahimi (6): His first tenure in EN was his least accomplished performance. After two interesting entries in the game, Brahimi will have suffered physically being, at times, clumsy. However, he also offered a lot and contributed to the defensive retreat. Replaced by youcef belailiwho entered without thinking and was behind Amoura’s goal.

Ryad Benayad (7): Here is Benayad’s first goal! Attacker by trade, the one who is not actually the 9, takes advantage of an Iranian error and is rewarded for his many calls with a goal that allows Algeria to return to the break before the advantage on the scoreboard. He will be replaced at 66 ‘by Mohamed Amine Amourastill a goalscorer (2 goals in 3 games) and that allows Algeria to win this match.

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