Protect your skin with high protection sun care!

Protect your skin with high protection sun care!

Although pleasant, the sun can also be the enemy of your skin. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the latter from UV rays by opting for high protection sun care. This summer, under the sun, we maintain our “safe-control” more than ever.

All the lights are red!

In the year 2000, the Cancer Registry Foundation identified approximately 11,000 new cases of skin cancer in our country, a figure that rose to 45,733 in 2019, an increase of more than 400% in 20 years. “No other cancer has grown so quickly. The risk of developing a skin cancer before age 75 it is one in five and rising. No less than 40% of all diagnosed cancers are skin cancers. Hence our urgent call: protect and control your fur and consult your dermatologist if in doubt. because the total timeSun exposure during your life is a more important factor for skin cancer than your age, insists dermatologist Thomas Maselis.

Prevention tips for adults and children.

“Three elements are important to fight against skin cancer : raise awareness about the risk factors for skin cancer, discourage tanning (excess sun, hammocks) and integrate self-examination at home. With the necessary knowledge and awareness, each of us has the power to fight skin cancer,” says Dr. Maselis. Whatever the phototype, a sunscreen effective and adapted is essential to reduce the penetration of UV rays into the skin. “However, even if it is essential, it is not sufficient, on its own, to limit the risk of skin cancer. You have to combine a set of precautions, ”recalls the expert.

  • Avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day, between 12 noon and 4 pm during the summer, because this is the time when the sun’s rays are strongest and therefore most dangerous.
  • Go indoors: protective clothing is the one that best blocks UV rays. In the sun, it is important to wear clothing that limits exposed body parts (t-shirt, light pants, etc.); a fairly wide-brimmed hat; Sunglasses with UV filter (CE standard, category 3 or 4) and wrap-around frame.
  • Seek shade at all outdoor activities in the summer.
  • Avoid artificial tanning (UV booths).

The importance of the protection factor

This summer, because we now know all the dangers of UVA and UVB rays, we have a sun care with a protection index FPS 50+. To choose it well, pay attention to the presence of the UVA and UVB symbols on the bottle. We renew the app every two hours without fail! The sunscreen it is only effective if used. To encourage us, laboratories are keeping an eye on us with textures that are increasingly effective, pleasant, light, invisible, dry to the touch, resistant to water, sand and sweat, easy to apply, easy to transport, with simplified protection rates , high oils or safety waters.

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