Tom Cruise's Eclipse

Tom Cruise’s Eclipse

(Cannes) Tom Cruise greeted the crowd from the top of the stairs, joined by co-stars of Top Gun: Maverick Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller and John Hamm, as seven French Patrol fighter jets streaked the sky with blue, white and red smoke over the Palais des Festivals.

Cannes passionately (if not madly) loves its Hollywood stars. It was written in heaven: Wednesday night’s screening ahead of Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski, in the presence of its leading man Tom Cruise, eclipsed the rest of the activities at the Cannes Film Festival.

After signing autographs for a long time at the foot of the red carpet, the actor from Magnolia Y Mission Impossible received an honorary Palme d’Or from the Festival president, Pierre Lescure, before thanking the audience. “It’s a privilege to be here tonight and see her face,” she said. This film comes 36 years after the first. We started working on it five years ago, but we postponed its release by two years due to the pandemic. I make films for you, for the public. »


Tom Cruise poses with his honorary Palme d’Or.

A film meant to appeal to the general public, that’s exactly what Top Gun: Maverick which hits theaters May 27 in North America. East delighted the public, as they say in Juan-les-Pins, will undoubtedly be a hit on international counters. Is a blockbuster Completely on point and perfectly calibrated, at once funny, poignant and effective, made up of thrills and nostalgic winks, it keeps you going for 130 minutes.

Before presenting, during the tribute to Tom Cruise, a 10-minute montage with the most significant scenes of his career, the general delegate Thierry Frémaux recalled that the handsome Tom’s batting average was among the best of world cinema superstars. He is not wrong. And it’s probably true that Tom Cruise is underrated.

Reviewing these images reminded me, first, that I have seen most of the Tom Cruise movies since risky business Y all the right moves ; then, that he did act in very good films (among which The color of money, Rain Man, Jerry Maguire, Eyes Wide Shut Y Magnolia)…before getting lost in the sequels, each one worse than the other of Mission Impossible.

Following top gun, fortunately, lives up to the memory (recently refreshed) that I had kept from one of the most outstanding films of my 13 years. It was not so much because of the film that launched Tom Cruise’s international career that dozens of young people lined up in Cannes on Wednesday afternoon hoping to hear Tom Cruise’s master class, but because of the series of Mission Impossibleseveral of them confirmed it to me.

“How long have you been waiting here?” I asked four young British and American women, who were jostling each other and crossing their fingers that there would be places available at the last minute.

– For a long time…

– Two hours ?

– Plus !

– How many ?

– Three and a half hours! »

Three and a half hours of waiting in the sun, not knowing if they would have the opportunity to see Tom Cruise. A 23-year-old Zimbabwean studying in Paris told me that her father and two brothers had become pilots after seeing top gun.


Before 1,000 people in the Salle Debussy, the actor and producer was very generous, recounting several anecdotes from the shoot (the tone that Stanley Kubrick was looking for in Eyes wide Shutthe fact that he had refused to shoot thunder fish of Francis Ford Coppola to make risky business). “I remember, oddly enough, all the scenes I shot. But reviewing my career in 10 minutes is kind of mind-boggling! “, He said after seeing the assembly of the Festival paying tribute to him.

Obviously, Cruise is a team guy, who appreciates his collaborators. He insisted on his constant thirst to learn from the various professions of cinema, since his debut at the age of 18 in taps. “I didn’t go to film school, but I learned from the best directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, lighting designers and other technicians in all aspects of my craft. »


Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski

It was he who had insisted with his producers, in 1986, that top gun the first multiplies in different countries. “The way we see cinema, in all parts of the world, according to the language we speak, according to our culture, has always interested me. »

He confessed that he had rejected, at the time, the insistent offer from the producers and the studio to shoot a sequel to the film by the late Tony Scott, whom Top Gun: Maverick is dedicated. “In all the countries I went to afterwards, they asked me to do another top gun. But she wanted to find a story worth telling. »

Inside Top Gun: MaverickCruise’s character, legendary fighter pilot and ever-rebellious Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, is tasked with training a squad of Top Gun School’s most talented young graduates for a high-stakes mission. He will have to face the demons of his past.

It was never a question of Top Gun: Maverick, set to be released in spring 2020, will be released on a digital platform during the pandemic rather than in a theater. “I would never have accepted it! said Cruise, who says he goes to the movies often. “I wear a hat and I even come for the trailers. I do not wanna Miss a Thing! »

Why, he was asked, does he insist on doing his own stunts, some very dangerous, in his movies? You may have a resplendent form, you will soon be 60 years old. “Nobody asked Gene Kelly why he danced in his movies! Seen the same.

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