the car in question

the car in question

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eric lefrancois

eric lefrancois
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faithful to the end

I have leased a Volvo XC40 in 2021 for four years and at the end of my lease I would like to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle. I have seen and read different opinions about the X40 Recharge and I am not convinced that it is a good choice, mainly because of its autonomy in winter and also because of the price. Would a hybrid model be a better option while waiting for a more efficient electric model? I also want to stay with the Volvo brand.

D. Therriault

If my calculation is correct, his lease will end in 2025. He still has some time ahead of him. Volvo plans to bring five new electric vehicles to market in the coming years, starting with a new full-size SUV (inspired by the Recharge concept study) next year. The Chinese-Swedish brand also plans to add a sedan, family and two other SUVs to its catalog (one would be more compact than the current XC40 Recharge). All of these new models will embark on a showroom career at the end of their lease. There is no doubt that Volvo will regularly announce the arrival of these vehicles well in advance of market launch. So the best advice for you is to express your interest to your distributor for the next year.

summer fun


Volkswagen Golf GTi

I would like to buy a 2023 Volkswagen GTi next summer. Have the problems of the first generation been left behind? Which version would be preferred? I would love a manual transmission (probably the latter), but the DSG seems very efficient. In short, I’m a bit annoyed. I will only be using my new vehicle in the summer as I will be keeping my 2012 Civic for the winter and for my soon learning to drive son.

Vincent H.

Volkswagen, like all other manufacturers, makes changes (often invisible to the naked eye) during production. This does not mean that this vehicle, like others, will not be subject to a recall down the road. This year, for example, the German manufacturer has notably recalled a certain number of vehicles (GTi and R) to correct a risk of fire under the hood due to a poorly attached engine cover. In addition, an organization such as Consumer Reports in the United States assumes that the reliability of this model is quite average (67%) compared to other vehicles in the same category. This rating is determined in part by the history of this model. To answer your second question, the DSG is by far the most efficient and fastest transmission on offer. It is also the one that requires the most follow-up maintenance. So, also considering that this is the last GTi with a manual gearbox, why not prefer this one?

“London Calling”


Renting a car saves all the costs associated with owning a car.

I live in London and go to Quebec for a month in the summer and at Christmas with my family. I need a seven-seater and the rental price is going up a lot this year and it is impossible to find this type of vehicle. I wonder if it would be beneficial to buy a second hand car for these two occasions. Or if it would be more interesting to buy a new car that will last me more or less 10 years.

francine ferland

The cost of renting a car in the short and medium term is increasing, but it is still the most logical option for you. Just think of the cost of purchasing a new or used vehicle. Not to mention its maintenance, storage (where do you plan to park it in your absence?), registration, insurance, winter tires (you’re coming over Christmas, right?).

To end up with gasoline


Lexus IS500F Sport

I do not understand how Press persists in promoting this type of vehicle with a combustion engine [l’essai de la Lexus IS 500 la semaine dernière par exemple]. Automotive testing should take a completely different direction. The weather affects us all. There is an emergency!

CL Charron

At first, Press does not promote gasoline vehicles. Inform the readers. The mandate of the columnists is to present all the products offered by the automobile industry. The goal is to allow all readers (those, you guessed it, have widely varying tastes, media, and criteria) to make a more informed choice. The electric vehicle occupies an increasingly important place on the street, as well as in our media. Some criticize us for overrepresenting him. In this sense, keep in mind that last year, taking stock of the published test benches, more than a third were dedicated only to electric vehicles. And this trend continues this year.

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