The Covid returns with force in the Jura

The Covid returns with force in the Jura

The kiss, the handshake and the hugs may have made their return for several months in our day to day life, the coronavirus is still there. And it has also returned in recent days.

Not a reassuring situation

Within a week, 116 new positive cases were registered in the Jura. A figure that becomes eloquent when compared to the number of infections registered since the lifting of restrictions at the end of March: 344. This is thus a quarter of the positive cases of the last two months that emerged between the 6th and the June 13th. “The situation is not at all reassuring, confirms Sophie Chevrey-Schaller, deputy director of the Jura Health Service. Since last weekend (note: June 4-5), we feel that there has been a change. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, he says, because people have gotten out of the habit of getting tested.”

When the Covid goes through a sunstroke

So there would be far more Covid patients at the moment in the Jura than the official statistics would like to say. That’s why many are reluctant, or don’t think, to get tested when they have a fever, cough, or other cold symptoms. They attribute it to sunshine or temperature variations during the day. “Many children are also sick at the moment, but the parents do not have the reflex to test them,” continues the person also in charge of the special cantonal Covid cell, put on standby. Those who come to the cantonal screening center, which is still active in the Innodel area, are mainly people who have learned that an acquaintance has tested positive. How many people are really infected today? “We are in the process of collecting wastewater analysis data to get an idea of ​​the circulation of the virus,” says Sophie Chevrey-Schaller.

Since the Confederation finances these analyses, carried out three times a week in the Jura, it is the Confederation that is responsible for collecting and validating the data. And if the results of the largest sewage treatment plants in the country are published, it is not the case of those of the Jura.

Only one person in the H-JU due to Covid

This Monday, 25 new people were officially declared positive for Covid-19 in the Jura. Four people were hospitalized, including one in intensive care. The head of communication at the Jura Hospital, Olivier Guerdat, reports, however, that the person admitted to intensive care was admitted for another pathology and that of the other three HJU patients positive for Covid, only one, a nonagenarian, is actually hospitalized due to East. It still appears to be the Omicron variant circulating in the Jura, but its successors, B-A4 and B-A5, are in the process of supplanting it. The number of cases that concern them is increasing in Switzerland, with it that of hospitalizations, but the symptoms are not more important, says the public health service assistant. According to Olivier Guerdat, in any case, at the moment there are no alarming signs regarding an increase in hospitalizations at the H-JU related to Covid.

The vigilant canton

In the early morning of the summer holidays and with the resumption of the large demonstrations, cantonal officials are much less serene than a few weeks ago. They are ready to readjust detection center and tracking cell activities as needed. The Minister of Health, Jacques Gerber, reminded him at the end of last week, the virus is still there, even more present than in the same period of 2020 and 2021, he specified. The positivity rate among people going to be tested is also much higher. The canton must remain vigilant.

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