Mariloup Wolfe: when going to the region is wellness

Mariloup Wolfe: when going to the region is wellness

Going to settle in the region is for many synonymous with appropriating large spaces closer to nature and achieving a change of life that provides serenity, a way of soaking up well-being. After the documentary series, the big move animated and directed by Mariloup Wolfe here is the book that offers many tips for the experiment to succeed.

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“This is the first documentary series I’ve done and I loved the experience. I was well surrounded to immerse myself in this adventure and I will surely do others,” launches Mariloup Wolfe, who adds that she had to let several aspects pass.

“A documentary is not made in the same way as a fiction series. I like to have total control over the image, but I had to review my plans, I wanted truth in my relationship with them and I managed to bond with people, I cried with them and I have reaped beauty and authenticity. He gave me a lot on a human level. »

The idea of ​​launching a book about documentaries is also a first experience for her.

“Complete the program, we had enriching content,” he said.

Quality of life

This big move ffollowsfamilies who mostly leave the city to settle in the regions.

Sometimes it’s a homecoming, other times it’s a whole new adventure.

Marilou followed them in their project.

“Every family I’ve met cares about improving their quality of life, even if they do it for different reasons,” says Marilou Wolfe.

The pandemic and telecommuting have allowed more families to be able to afford to go and settle in the regions in different parts of Quebec. We think of Gaspésie, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Bas-Saint-Laurent or Estrie and Laurentians. In addition, in his book each region is dissected by its virtues accompanied by magnificent photographs.

Reading the book, we realize that the open air, the mountains, and the banks of the water are often privileged, synonymous with dreams, freedom, or a haven of peace.

We want to listen to the sound of the waves to combat anxiety, we opt for the forest to breathe fresh air, hiking becomes accessible a few minutes from the house as well as the practice of different sports.

several tips

before doing the big move, however, it is important to ask the right questions.

Marilou listed them in his book. If he big move It is usually a crush, it is also necessary to rationalize before doing it.

“There is nothing like a visit, or even several visits, to become familiar with a region”, he stresses.

We must also question our tolerance for cold. Winter in Quebec can be harsh, especially in mountainous terrain.

Services and leisure must also be taken into account. In principle, in the region, the houses are cheaper than in the city, however, it will be necessary to think about perhaps getting a second vehicle.

Living by the water is nice, but you also have to take into account the risks associated with flooding.

0528 WE Book Wolfe

“So that the big move it works 100%, I noticed that the entourage is important, it is necessary for particular to rebuild a new circle of friends”, specifies Mariloup.

If many had certain fears before his departure until now all the participants in the big move did not regret his decision.

“We want peace, tranquility, more family time, and well-being, and it is in the regions where they have found all of that, as well as a kind of inner peace. These people made me dream. I do not rule out one day redoing a big move “, he concludes.

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