Mahrez, Gassama, Delort: what Belmadi said

Mahrez, Gassama, Delort: what Belmadi said

The coach of the Algerian soccer team, Djemal Belmadi, had an appointment with the national press this Monday, May 30, for the traditional pre-training conference on the eve of facing Uganda and Tanzania in the CAN-2023 Qualifiers.

But it is difficult that these two parties have been mentioned. They were overshadowed by the bubbling national team news, made of Riyad Mahrez’s withdrawal from these two games, the dismissal of certain players and the call-up of seven new elements, the Delort affair and of course the still perceptible aftershocks of the elimination. of the selection. Greens of the race for the next World Cup.

Captain Riyad Mahrez will not be at this camp, officially due to injury, but some suspect that a “diplomatic injury”especially since the photos shared on the Web show him on vacation in Marrakech.

Answer from Belmadi: “It’s not a deal”Y “bad buzz” who “does not raise the level of the Algerian journalist.”

The manager confirms that there has been a report from Manchester City that the player is injured. “We received a report, we could have brought the player to see it, but I did not do it with anyone and I do not see why to do it with Mahrez. There is a relationship of trust with the clubs and the players.he says, explaining that the next two games aren’t the kind of big games we play “grit your teeth”that is, for being injured.

Referring to the Greens’ next opponent, Belmadi reckons that Uganda are a sticky team that have had a very good run in World Cup qualifying and are not conceding many goals.

In addition to the two official matches, which will be necessary “Win and qualify as soon as possible”, he hopes to play a third game, but reports difficulty finding a training partner.

Case Delort: new elements

Djamel Belmadi was also invited to talk about the mini-revolution he just carried out in the EN workforce by notably summoning seven new elements for the first time.

“We have been following you for a long time and we feel this is the perfect time to call you out. The situation is more propitious today.” responds, while noting that there is nothing definitive, neither for them nor for those who have been fired: “In the world there are players who have a national team. Reaching EN is not an end in itself, the most difficult part remains, they will be in the middle of the competition and they will have to stand out”.

“Nothing is final, as long as you believe a player can help, he remains eligible, unless he declares the end of his international career. In that case, we’ll make sure he gets an honorable exit. Otherwise, for those who are competitive, the door is always open.”he said regarding those who were fired.

The door is also left open to Andy Delort and it is the first time that he speaks with a new tone about the Nice player since he fired him last October for having asked to make the tie in the CAN.

“There is nothing personal with Andy, quite the opposite. There is only one position that he has taken in relation to EN, the country and the players. For those who know, it’s a bomb. We can’t do that, we don’t accept it. There was a discussion with him, there are other elements and he will also have the opportunity to say things. Belmadi declares that, implicitly, he does not therefore rule out the possibility of recalling the striker who has just had a thunderous end to the season in the French Ligue1.

FIFA and arbitration: only beautiful words

Regarding his decision to continue with his mission, the Algerian coach reiterates that it is motivated by the confidence expressed by the public in the squad.

“If I had felt the slightest doubt, I wouldn’t be there,” ensures. For him, “it is the most important”, “the rest is anecdotal” and the contract is first” moral “. “We will sign a paper if you want, but the essential is not there”he says about his situation in front of the Federation.

“Obviously, before we motivate the players, we must be inclined to go out ourselves. It is, although there is a lot of anger in me.” recognize. The anger is that of the lost game against Cameroon which, therefore, is still there. Djamel Belmadi even admits that he will carry the pain of losing his qualification for the rest of his life.

“We worked 4 years for this, we were undefeated for 4 years, we almost hung the world record for invincibility. We were determined to go to the World Cup. There was a fall in the CAN, we are going to accept the idea that it is a failure, but in general it is a group that has had many years of success”, he expressed. he said, also recalling that this team beat all the African teams classified for the next World Cup, except Morocco, which they did not have to face.

But there were those last 20 seconds in the second leg against Cameroon on March 29 in Blida.

Belmadi acknowledges that there was a big mistake at the end and for the first time names the culprits: central defenders Benayada, Bedrane and Touba did not have to get involved in the clash that occurred after Algeria’s equalizing goal.

“The most dangerous Cameroonian player is Ekambi. Benayada had the merit of putting it in his pocket on the first leg and on the return leg. But he had to get into the confrontation, that mistake to get out of his concentration, football is that. He is neither in lineup nor in marking. It is the high level, it is played in the details and if we add the referee, it is still a lot of things”. He analyzes

Regarding referee Gassama, Belmadi has not changed his opinion, and maintains that he distorted the result of the Algeria-Cameroon match and even launches a small challenge to FIFA.

“I think I have defended the interest of the EN, the FAF and the investment of the players (…) I am waiting for them to call me (…) Infantino knows that African football is a source of talent, he says he wants put arbitration in order, in the end they are just fine words”, regrets the coach of the Algerian team.

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