Congratulations Renaud Lavoie

Congratulations Renaud Lavoie

He earned his stripes. Deserter from RDS to TVA, the tone perhaps a little arrogant at first and sometimes arrogant comments, Renaud Lavoie, a few years ago, was not loved.

On social media, it was severely bottled and regularly skinned. He never let go. Renaud is Renaud with his style, but also with his hard work, his determination and his great passion for National League hockey.

And today, between the Stanley Cup and the playoffs, we have to give credit where credit is due. Yes, Renaud Lavoie has earned his stripes and did an outstanding job in Tampa last week when the Colorado Avalanche won the big trophy.

Alone from his team on the ice, for several minutes, he multiplied the interviews in French and English with the players and their coaches. The right tone, the right length, the right questions, Renaud was like a fish to water. It was beautiful to see him go and it was interesting to follow him because he was looking for emotion at all times and that is what is fascinating in such a rare, unforgettable and special moment when you love hockey. .


I know Renaud was hurt when he was heavily criticized, but he never gave up and continued to research, develop his contacts and appear regularly on TVA’s various hockey shows.

Congratulations Renaud because you have reversed the trend and you have carved a niche for yourself. Renaud Lavoie is part of the hockey portrait and the additional information he brings adds to the quality of the programs he participates in.

He loves the players and the players love him. He can see it, he can hear it in the generosity of the speakers in the interview and the viewers are better served. Well done Renaud!


Jean-Guy Gendron, 87, asked for help to die and left three days ago. A wonderful man, an exceptional athlete who played 863 games for the Rangers, Bruins, Canadiens and Flyers. He was also a professional golfer. Jean-Guy, a good friend of Henri Richard, returned to the game in 1972 to give the Nordics a boost when they were born into the WHA. At 40 he hung up his skates and took up golf.

A small guy from East Montreal, he said, and he knew how to live well in a crowd of friends. Hello Jean-Guy and have a good trip!

of the enclave

  • Nothing is harder to watch than an 18, 19 or 20 year old in the amphitheater where the repechage is taking place, and at the end of the day, you still haven’t heard your name. Distressing.
  • In Jonquière, Stephane Ouellet mourns the death of his father, the painter Angémil, who was 87 years old. An artist who exhibited his works in the beautiful galleries of Quebec with magnificent landscapes.
  • Do you think the F1 Grand Prix is ​​doing business in Montreal? This week and until next Sunday come the leaders and scouts of the 32 NHL teams. money is not an object and tie your hats.

Samuel Girard lifted the Stanley Cup last Sunday.

Photo: AFP

Samuel Girard lifted the Stanley Cup last Sunday.

  • family and friends of samuel girard I can’t wait for the Stanley Cup to come to Roberval and the young Avalanche defender, two months later, seems to have recovered well from this amazing sternum fracture caused by a more than dubious control by Ivan Barbashev of St. Louis.
  • According to Jump Start Foundation Canadian Tire, 45% of children do not play sports. It is very little, but not too late.
  • The Russian invasion would have destroyed about 40% of the ice rinks in Ukraine. We want to create a fund to rebuild and many are joining, including the NHL Players Association.
  • In recent weeks, eight NHL teams have already changed head coaches.
  • Last minute fishermen, there is still room in several good shipowners and in good sectors of Sépaq. It is worth delving.
  • the larks he will only play one game in Montreal in July. It will be the 14 against Edmonton.

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