How to keep mosquitoes away in a bedroom?  5 repellent solutions to adopt this summer!

How to keep mosquitoes away in a bedroom? 5 repellent solutions to adopt this summer!

With beautiful days come insects, and in particular mosquitoes. And even if we have many strategies to avoid them, we don’t necessarily escape them. At night they prevent us from sleeping and during the day we do not stop scratching those unpleasant pimples. But fortunately, there are natural tricks to remedy it. So here we show you how to keep mosquitoes away in the bedroom and have peaceful summer nights.

tips to keep mosquitoes away inside the bedroom at night

What’s more annoying than the sound of a mosquito crawling around your head at night? Faced with these little beasts, some do not hesitate to crush them. But is this the right technique to get rid of it? Good news ! We tested 5 tips to keep mosquitoes away in the bedroom and sleep peacefully!

What plant to repel mosquitoes in the bedroom of adults or children? In a pillow mist to sprinkle on your sheets, in a pot on the windowsill, in the bedroom, or in a vase on the bedside table, lavender is a must-have plant to ward off mosquitoes at night. Also, it helps you sleep better. Other repellent plants to invite into your home include:

  • geranium
  • the Basilica
  • The Mint
  • The rosemary

Keep mosquitoes away with citronella

How to repel mosquitoes with essential oils

Which essential oil to choose to keep mosquitoes away at night? The strong lemongrass scent repels all insects, including mosquitoes. So put a few drops of essential oil on your sheets or in your electric diffuser and voila! You can also use it to make a homemade pillow mist. If you don’t like lemongrass, switch to eucalyptus essential oil.

repel mosquitoes with ground coffee

How to drive away mosquitoes with ground coffee

Very useful for scrubbing the body, coffee grounds are also perfect for repelling mosquitoes in the bedroom. Ground coffee of any brand will do. So, instead of throwing away your morning coffee grounds, recycle them by depositing them in a small cup that you will install in the bedroom. An anti-residue and anti-mosquito gesture at the same time!

Keep mosquitoes away with lemon

repel mosquitoes with vinegar

Lemon is a tried and true grandma’s trick to repel mosquitoes. So, cut a lemon or lime in half, then stick some cloves on it. Place the citrus halves in a bowl that you will place on your nightstand. The next morning, the mosquitoes will be just a bad memory. White vinegar is also a very good idea to avoid mosquitoes at home. However, it is more recommended for the garden.

Make a homemade insect trap with soapy water

repel mosquitoes with coffee

Like fruit gnats, gnats are attracted to sweet smells and standing water. Therefore, if you want to have a quiet night in your bedroom, place a small container filled with soapy water near your window. Insects attracted to it will settle on it and be drowned by the explosion of soap bubbles.

Some tips to avoid mosquitoes indoors

trick to keep mosquitoes away bedroom fan

To prevent mosquitoes indoors, no sweet or fragrant smells. In the bedroom, we advise you not to anoint your body with very strong perfumes. And while citrus shower gel is perfect for sunny days, skip it when you go to sleep! An ingenious trick is unusual, it is to install a fan. Flying insects do not appreciate air currents.

keep mosquitoes away from the baby's room

Stagnant water should also be avoided. Along with the heat wave, it creates an ideal environment for mosquitoes and other insects. gross! Forget the glass of water, bouquets and poorly drained houseplants in the bedroom. Now here are some remedies for mosquito bites.

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