Tristan Luneau and Noah Warren are in the sights of Kent Hughes for the next draft

Tristan Luneau and Noah Warren are in the sights of Kent Hughes for the next draft

The upcoming draft, which will take place on July 7-8, is likely to be very interesting and exciting for Montreal Canadiens fans.

With 13 options (not counting the Oilers, which is conditional) under his belt for the 2022 draft, the CH is sure to keep his fans glued to their screens throughout the two days of the draft.

Also, given that the vast majority of this year’s draft-eligible prospects missed an entire season in their development last season due to the pandemic, there are bound to be several hidden gems in the latter rounds of playoffs.

With all their picks, Kent Hughes and the rest of the Habs staff will have to make several big decisions based on analysis of all the prospects they’ve been tracking all season.

It is also clear that many CH supporters will expect to see some Quebecers recruited by the Habs.

In any case, there are plenty of talented QMJHL players in the draft.

Well, those fans will be happy to know that Kent Hughes would have taken the time to meet two Gatineau Olympiques players.

In fact, Gatineau Olympiques head coach Louis Robitaille said in an interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie that Kent Hughes would have “done his homework” on Tristan Luneau and Noah Warren.

“The Montreal Canadiens have done their homework. Kent (Hughes) picked up the phone. There are so many good players in the draft. We’ll see how it goes and who goes where. But whether it’s in Montreal, Columbus or Anaheim, I know that both young men will have a great career. –Louis Robitaille

For the head coach of the Olympiques, the CH should not hesitate a second before recruiting Luneau and Warren.

“For me, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ for the Canadians to take them. They are good people who will be able to respond to journalists and won’t be distracted by it. It’s a lot of pressure to play in Montreal. You have to be strong mentally and they are two players who can overcome that. They dream of playing in the NHL and even more so for their city. –Louis Robitaille

According to the big boss of the Gatineau Olympiques, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will bite their fingers if they lose these two hopefuls when they have the opportunity to recruit them.

“Tristan Luneau is under a lot of pressure, but people don’t realize how good he is on the ice. He is a guy who does everything the right way. Even though it was his draft year, he put his ego aside and wanted to help the team win.

He wanted to keep growing by playing the right way to get to the NHL as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter what range he picks, it’s just a number. I am convinced that he will have a brilliant career for a long time in the NHL. –Louis Robitaille

In short, Robitaille really praised his two protégés by explaining that they are great people and great hockey players.

“They are two extraordinary young men. They will succeed in the world of hockey and in life. Like Tristan, Noah agreed to the plan. He is a passionate person who has had a meteoric rise in the eyes of recruiters. For me, I never had any doubts, but I’m glad to see that he got attention for the right reasons. They are the two 17-year-old defensemen who led our club in the playoffs. –Louis Robitaille

In short, as I mentioned earlier, the next draft will be one to watch very closely for both the first option in general and the other CH options.

Also, let’s not forget that the Habs could very well decide to trade up one of their draft options to ensure they get their hands on a hope they like.


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