4 signs of the zodiac will have difficult times from May 22: beware of problems

4 signs of the zodiac will have difficult times from May 22: beware of problems

4 signs of the zodiac are about to experience a somewhat delicate period from May 22. Indeed, the retrogradation of Mercury in Taurus will be unfavorable for the natives of these signs. They will have difficulties and could even go through difficult times. Discover the 4 zodiac signs that will soon face difficulties.

The energy of Mercury retrograde in Taurus, starting on May 22, will negatively impact the natives of 4 signs of the zodiac. They may encounter difficulties and have problems.

Which 4 zodiac signs will soon face difficulties?

Mercury retrograde in Gemini on May 10 and will stay there until May 22. This degradation is quite positive, because Mercury likes to be in Gemini. It is also the planet that rules this zodiac sign. Prayed, this energy will change when Mercury retrogrades in Taurus on May 22. The movement of this planet of communication and intellect will have a negative impact on the natives of these 4 zodiac signs. They may face problems and difficulties.

ram moments

Aries – Source: spm

The native of this sign must take care of their expenses during the retrograde of Mercury. In fact, Aries could encounter financial difficulties. Also, this impulsive Fire sign doesn’t know how to manage his money. His shopping spree prevents her from restricting his spending. To avoid tribulations, Aries needs to review their accounts and reevaluate your budget.

moments of cancer

Cancer – Source: spm

The entrance of Mercury in Taurus will bring tensions and problems in the social life of Cancer. The native of this sign must pay attention to their interactions and be more careful, to avoid misunderstandings. In fact, Cancer could be misunderstood during this retrograde period. His words could even be misdirected or misused, and thus cause problems with those close to him. This sensitive and emotional water sign will have a hard time dealing with the tensions he may have with the people he cares about. On the other hand, these events will allow you to find out who his real friends are.

lion moments

Leo – Source: spm

Mercury retrograde in Taurus will have a direct impact about the work of the Lion and his career. The native of this sign feels overwhelmed by doubts and uncertainties. He could even redo an important project, or doubt the career path What did he choose. In fact, this ambitious and hard-working sign could find difficulties in his work that lead him to wonder if he is really in his place. That said, Mercury’s retrogradation will be a distressing period for Leo, who will try, in some way, to appease his doubts and find answers to his questions related to his professional future.

sagittarius moment

Sagittarius – Source: spm

The native of this sign could feel bad during the retrograde of Mercury. You will need to pay more attention to your physical and mental health. For this, it is recommended that Sagittarius slow down at work and adopt a healthier lifestyle to avoid burnout. Also, Sagittarius could find difficulties at work. Things won’t always go his way, but he will have to. keep a cool head and arm yourself with patience, to overcome the difficulties you may encounter.

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