Apple would like the iPhone to be even more resistant to water and pressure

Apple would like the iPhone to be even more resistant to water and pressure

Apple has filed a patent application to prevent water or air pressure from damaging iPhone or altering the accuracy of its sensors.

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Apple’s new iPhone 13 in green // Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

AppleInsider noticed a new patent application filed by Apple, which would aim to develop an iPhone that is more resistant to water and, in general, to pressure, be it water or air.

A new patent for Apple

On May 17, 2022, Apple filed a patent application titled “ Electronic device with integrated pressure sensor “, it is “Electronic device with integrated pressure sensor“. In this document, Apple reminds that smartphone users in particular do everything with it; Therefore, phones can face situations where they have to prove their resistance, for example, when they are exposed to water or submerged.

We all know that water and electronics never mix. For several years now, Apple has obviously been striving to improve the endurance of the iPhone. We remember the withdrawal of the plugJackwhen the iPhone 7 arrives: Removing the ports actually improves water resistance.

Diagram of the different openings of the iPhone and the mentioned sealed cavities // Source: “Electronic device with integrated pressure sensor” patent filed by Apple

If we can say that having an iPhone without a port is a good idea, in reality, it may be a little less so. Effectively having a sealed device.”can cause an increase in operating temperature because the components are encapsulated or enclosed in a sealed environment» : Heat and electronics also don’t go well together.

Also, the iPhone sensors”such as temperature sensors or pressure transducers can be less accurate as they are sealed inside the device and are not in direct contact with the outside“. Also, in the diagrams shown in the patent, the iPhone and iPad have charging ports.

Apple therefore seeks a balance between the resistance to water and the cooling of the iPhone

The solution apparently found by Apple would actually be a sealed cavity filled with air inside the phone. This air could be vented outside through a barometric vent. Apple provides a second volume of air in your system, which could also be evacuated to the outside through a second opening.

This ventilation system could make it possible to have a smartphone that does not get too hot while improving its resistance to water and pressure. The patent also anticipates sudden changes in altitude and the large pressure differences that can result.

Diagram of the mentioned ventilation system // Source: “Electronic device with integrated pressure sensor” patent filed by Apple

However, these are just ways that Apple mentions to improve their phones, but we can think that the iPhones “should increase their depth and height tolerances“. Rappelons que ce document n’est que un brevet, que montre qu’effectivement Apple travaille dessus, mais il n’est pas dit que ce système soit mis en place sur l’iPhone 14, ni me qu’il ne le soit a day

Recently, a lot of information has come out about what Apple is working on: rumors say that the next iPhone will abandon Lightning for USB-C and that Apple will develop folding screens when others talk about an E. Ink screen for iPhone. In addition, Apple filed a patent application a few days ago for cases that change the interface of the iPhone.

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