Just to laugh |  Roxane Bruneau, a little stressed, but well surrounded

Just to laugh | Roxane Bruneau, a little stressed, but well surrounded

Just for Laughs reveals this Tuesday the guest list for each of the galas that it will present from July 20 to 23 at the Théâtre Maisonneuve. The ideal opportunity for a conversation with Roxane Bruneau, who will be, along with Phil Roy, in his first animation of such a great humorous event.

He dropped out of school, quit his job. People thought she didn’t know what to do with her life, but Roxane Bruneau had known for a long time that her humor would be a big part of her. It is also through the funny sketches of her, uploaded to Instagram and YouTube since 2013, that she first became known to those who would become her friends.

“I always wanted to be a comedian. I got up as a singer by accident,” confesses the female performer of the year at the last Felix awards ceremony. By chance, then, or more precisely, thanks to a song, I feel like an antthat a friend had convinced her to put online and would soon lead her to a record deal.

Despite the sometimes serious topics with which his texts are measured, laughter will have remained at the heart of his shows, always interspersed with long and beautifully disheveled presentations, as well as his podcast. we talk to talk. She was collaborating last year in jay the summer, the diary of Jay Du Temple in Rouge. In short, the thirtysomething happily dips each of her 10 fingers into different pots.

The thing is, when she got an invitation from Just for Laughs to helm a gala, the girl who wasn’t stressed was still a little stressed. She offered yes for an answer, provided that Phil Roy, whom she had met during an episode of Who can sing? agree to share the poster with her.

“It was not a game to play alone. And I really like Phil, because when you walk on set with him, it’s nothing like formal show business. I feel like I’m talking to a cousin. But since Phil is a new dad and on tour, I was kind of trusting him to say no. “Oops…

A fan of Quebecois humor since childhood, Roxane Bruneau was one of those imitated by Jean-Michel Anctil’s Priscilla and Râteau in the schoolyard. She often listens in the car, even today, to excerpts from old numbers by Jean-Marc Parent. Last summer, at a Quebec hotel the day after a ComediHa! gala, Lise Dion came by to say hello.

“Even today, I can’t reproduce that, I’m so embarrassed. On the other end of the line, you can almost hear Roxane blush. “Lise came to my table at lunchtime and was like, ‘Hi Roxane, it’s Lise. And I was like, ‘Well yeah, that’s for sure, I know you’re Lise Dion!’ I don’t remember what she said to me afterwards I was too scared.”

The list of participants for the two galas co-hosted on July 21 at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. by Rox and Philou is, however, geared less towards the legends than towards the future and will bring together notably Silvi Tourigny, Martin Perizzolo, Charles Beauchesne, PO Forget and Yannick De Martino.

The musician admits to having a special fondness for three of her guests, starting with Sam Cyr and Marylène Gendron, whose podcast she listens to religiously. everyone hates each other, as well as for Mona De Grenoble. “Those who know the drag scene know what machines they are. It was time for the world of humor to make room for them. We will have understood that Roxane Bruneau likes comedians who do things her way.

The new honor guard

Phil Roy will not be idle during this Just for Laughs festival, he who, in addition to co-hosting two galas, will be at one of Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais’s on July 20, as will Charles Pellerin, Alexandre Forest, Mégan Brouillard, Marylène Gendron, Sam Cyr, Sam Boisvert and Pascal Cameron. This lineup, very oriented towards the new comic guard, is in the image of each of these great events.

former residents of Big Brother Celebrities Richardson Zéphir and Eddy King will host their former roommates Martin Vachon and Tranna Wintour on July 22, as well as Mike Beaudoin, Louis T, Tania Dutel, Guillaume Wagner, Charles Brunet and Mibenson Sylvain.

On July 23, Rosalie Vaillancourt will receive her friend Katherine Levac and her number one admirer Jean-Sébastien Girard, as well as Suzie Bouchard, Colin Boudrias, Jean-Michel Martel, Guillaume Wagner, Michelle Desrochers, Alexandre Bisaillon and Anas Hassouna.

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