Elle fait un selfie maIs oublie de vérifier l'arrière plan, on voit tous la même chose

She takes a selfie but forgets to check the background, we all see the same thing

Not a day goes by without us taking photos or a selfie with our smartphone that never leaves us. Discover in this article very strange shots with details that give us chills. At the time of the selfie, people did not realize that there were strange things in the background. After discovering the photos below, you can try to find the detail that is wrong with the cover photo!

Strange things can hide in a selfie…

Before you try to find the embarrassing selfie element on the cover of this article, let us share with you the weirdest shots we’ve found on the web. Some are scary and unresolved!

a demon in the mirror

The family being very superstitious had the girl’s room blessed by a priest…

A group of friends on the beach.

A simple photo of brides on the beach? An intruder snuck into the photo and had fun doing the same thing as the gang!

Rihanna and Katy Perry are very good friends

If you didn’t know, Rihanna and Katy Perry are very good friends in life. Every time they see each other at events, they never leave each other. But, this particular photo has scared netizens. In fact, there is a face under Katy’s chair in the bottom right of the photo. Has anyone tried to see under the singer’s dress? Actually, after investigation, it is photo editing!

A selfie in the forest

Fergie and Lisa are close sisters. One summer, they take a selfie in a quiet Idaho forest. The way to remember this little walk. When they took a closer look at the shot, they noticed a strange shape in the background. The young women began to run as fast as possible to escape…

an intruder in the house

This is a pretty classic day for the selfie girl. She had just gone shopping and she was trying on her new clothes. She looks at the photo and finds an intruder in her room… Actually, she didn’t know, but it was her sister’s boyfriend. The young woman was afraid of her life…

A man hiding under the bed.

One day, a father comes home earlier than expected. In fact, most of the time, he arrived at 8 pm for dinner, but this time he made an exception and returned at 6:30 pm The father wanted to announce good news to his family: he had obtained a ascent! The latter takes a photo of his beloved daughter. He leaves the room and sends the snapshot to his mother and his grandparents. The latter immediately noticed a suspicious detail… Frightened, the father reappears in his teenager’s room at full speed and discovers her in the arms of a boy… her boyfriend… At least the introductions are made! !

a dangerous selfie

An innocent selfie, but one that could have been fatal for the young woman. In fact, there is a snake in the tree that she hadn’t seen.

A mirage or a ghost?

Do you see the creature that seems to be walking towards the girl? However, the two people say that they were really alone in the park. In fact, no silhouette appeared on the horizon after the selfie…

She was not alone in the forest.

Forests are mysterious places… Do you see the shadows in the background? The couple will never know what it is…

A successful photobomb!

An intruder has embedded himself in the photo of this young couple. And we can say that he positioned himself exactly where it was needed!

one more leg

It’s an old photo from 1962. If you look closely, there appears to be an extra leg behind the man on the right. Don’t worry, he is not a ghost, but a boy who was running and joined at the last moment.

His deceased ex-partner reappears in a selfie

In the middle of a shopping session with friends, the young women take a selfie. The brunette in the photo let out a cry of horror when she saw the photo above and the face of a man. This is her old partner who died two years ago. Did she want to send him a sign?

a creature in the sea

An ordinary afternoon at sea, shared between surfing and beach volleyball. But do you see this strange and huge shape in the ocean? The brothers no longer bathed and notified the authorities. Turns out it was a dead lion’s mane jellyfish. For information, it is one of the largest species of jellyfish.

a haunted house

The decor has been left to its own devices and feels like an old haunted house. Even more so when you see the strange face under the cushion… The photo has gone around the web. But actually, it’s a cliché of an Icelandic independent film…

the pond monster

Is this also a movie scene? Oh no! A child’s bus had an accident and landed in a river. 52 schoolchildren are injured. Journalists took pictures of the crash site and that’s where they discovered this shape hiding behind the trees…

So, do you see something strange in the cover selfie? Dear readers ofObjekoWe are waiting for your comments!

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