The Desjardins sale: you could have more money this year

The Desjardins sale: you could have more money this year

Exclusive to Desjardins members, the refund It is a symbolic amount intended to reward your commitment to your financial cooperative And this year, the amount of money that could be given to him will probably be even higher than usual!

If you are a member of Desjardins, it is very possible that you will receive a sum of money from your caisse each spring. That little extra will probably make you smile year after year, but where does it really come from? Follow the guide to learn more about the refund!

What is the refund?

As a financial cooperative, Desjardins returns part of its financial surplus to members who have products and accounts. Once a yearoneUnder certain conditions, the financial institution pays a predetermined amount into the pockets of eligible members, approximately 97% of their pool.

The purpose of this advantage is to thank the members for their involvement in the cooperative: it is called an individual bonus. Individuals and companies can benefit from it.

Since Desjardins members have a voice in the development of their community, the institution makes sure to respond as best as possible to their needs and requests, either by modifying the conditions that entitle them to the bonus or by holding general assemblies, for example.

In addition, in the last three years several changes have been made to the bonus to make it more accessible, more personalized and fairer from one box to another.

The calculation of the bonus

How to calculate the individual bonus? This has two components, namely the volume discount and the product discount.

The volume discount is calculated according to the average balance maintained during the year in each of the product families, according to your premium for insurance products.two and the amount of purchases made with credit cards in the year. A voted rate per $1,000 is then applied to your amount.

The maximum amount you can receive as an individual refund for Product Rebate (individual members) is $50. You just need to have at least one product per family to benefit from it.

Members age 30 and younger are eligible if they have at least one product in three of the four families, such as a checking account, credit card, and renters home insurance (or investment).

4 families of Desjardins products


The dividend returned to the community

The community dividend supports local initiatives that improve the quality of life in communities. Using their Community Development Assistance Fund, savings banks in various communities donate amounts to selected projects to support the socioeconomic development of Quebec.

For 2021, $53 million will be donated to numerous projects that will have a concrete impact in your community.

Examples of 3 projects supported by the community dividend

Establishment of a playground adapted to a clientele of adolescents and young adults living with special needs.

More information

Buy local campaign in Drummondville.

More information

Creation of a distinctive school park for students and the population in general.

More information

The 2021 bonus will be paid from May 30 to June 10, 2022. Learn more about this Desjardins benefit by visiting the website of the financial institution.

one For the box to pay a discount, there are 2 conditions:
1) The Movement must have the financial capacity to pay a dividend.
2) The members of the box must have decided to downgrade. It is the partners gathered in an annual general meeting who decide on the payment of dividends and the payment of part of the surpluses to the Community Development Assistance Fund, all in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.
two For businesses, volume reimbursement applies to Quebec property insurance only and is not offered to The Personal General Insurance policyholders.

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