Juraj Slafkovsky is seen completing the trio of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield

Juraj Slafkovsky is seen completing the trio of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield

Shane Wright. Juraj Slavkovsky. Logan Cooley. The Canadian will have to make an important decision and it will probably be between these three players that it will be made. He even runs the risk of being in the top two… if there are any doubts.

both are good kids, according to what we understand.

Juraj Slafkovsky, like the others, is not the type to want to come second. And the chances are good for him, even if he didn’t have dinner with the Flannelette, of getting out first.

He realized when he saw that the Canadian texted him to chat again yesterday and when he realized that the leaders knew everything about him.

The HC somewhat challenged Hope by asking several questions about him but realized that the Montreal management had done their homework on his case so they could cook him. Don’t bring him to eat…

At what point? To the point where Slafkovsky wondered why the CH still needed to talk to him.

For example, they knew where on the court they hit me the most. So I said to myself: “But how do they know that?” He made me realize that it is true that I often get hit there.

I was happy to learn it! –Juraj Slavkovsky

Therefore, he was questioned to see how he can answer.

C’est dans ce texte de La Presse qu’on en apprend plus sur l’espoir (au même titre qu’il en aussi appris sur lui en sachant que c’est en sortie de zone qu’il se fait souvent frapper) quality.

Slave, who I will nickname as such, has also seen people comment on his presence in a lineup completed by Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield. Some would like it, some would not.

But Slave would like it.

I think I’m the biggest of the three. They need someone bigger to get the records. And they are really skill players.

It would make a good combination. -Juraj Slavkovsky

He also reports that in the Edmonton bubble during the 2020-2021 World Junior Championships, Caufield told him that he could become a good player. There is already a (small) link between the two.

And Slave will work hard to convince the CH to create a greater bond by recruiting him.

A lot of

– It is rare for a player to admit it.

– Oh well yes.

– Incredible.

– The Wild’s compensatory pick at the end of the second round sets everyone back. [H&L]

– I want to see that.

– The file is still being discussed.

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