Avec cette mise à jour, Apple Plan compte bien écraser Google Maps

With this update, Apple Plan aims to crush Google Maps

news hardware With this update, Apple Plan aims to crush Google Maps

The next Apple Maps update is going to be pretty massive. The goal of the Cupertino company is clear: get iPhone users to stop downloading Google Maps, THE great competitor. Here’s everything Apple is preparing for its GPS app:

Essentials of the next Apple Maps update: Does Google Maps have something to worry about?

Around mid-July, Apple Maps will be updated.

We will tell you right away, so as not to generate too many expectations for nothing: there will not be a complete review, it is not necessary. However, this update will be quite important, in particular, because it brings a feature particularly requested by users around the world:

  • Display of speed limits.

It may sound silly put like that, but this feature is essential if you want to use the app while driving. Today, it seems pretty intuitive to quite a few people. apple addicts get out Plans on foot to find the bus exit, but once in their cars, these same apple addicts draw Google Maps or Waze. When your name is Apple and you want to simplify everything for everyone, that’s a shame.

This novelty will follow the path that Apple wants to follow with its GPS application. Since last year, Apple Maps has had an option to report speed cameras and accidents, but also a feature that warns you of weather hazards. Using the Apple Plans on the road becomes very profitable.

But that is not all!

  • With the July update, Apple Maps will also make your maps more detailed!

The update is already rolling out in Canada. Image of Jesse Hollington

With this update, Apple Plan aims to crush Google Maps

The idea is not to overload your screen with information. We stay in the block, that’s why it’s always clean, simple, and elegant. It’s just that the 3D visualizations of the main buildings were too simple, fluid, and geometric. Thus, important places did not stand out, especially when it would be much more pleasant to locate them with a half-second glance.

Between color coding, finer 3D models, and shadow work, the new Apple Plans map will be more beautiful but also, above all more readable than ever.

One question remains unanswered: will it be enough to face the great rival that is Google Maps?

The rivalry between Google Maps and Apple Plan is stronger than ever

Apple Maps obviously can’t compete with Google Maps in terms of overall download numbers, that’s for sure. Google Maps is present in more than a billion Android smartphones, it is not possible to match the giant of Mountain View in this little game.

But that does not prevent the two GAFAM giants from fighting over who will have the largest market share in the iPhone.

With this update, Apple Plan aims to crush Google Maps

And there, although we do not have access to precise figures, it is clear that many users of Apple products continue to use the Google suite. Gmail is often preferred over the default iOS app, and Google Maps has a stronger reputation than Apple Maps.

When it comes to the ergonomics and functionality of its operating systems, Apple has nothing to prove. As for your software, it’s something else. For example, speed limits have been present in competitor apps for years.

However, it should be noted that Apple has made recent progress, in particular by greatly strengthening data collection in the field. By anonymously exploiting the data of iPhone users, Apple could end up catching up with Google. New Apple Maps card details prove it.

What is the point of investing so much in free apps for Apple that doesn’t even resell your data (Google’s business model, but not Apple’s)?

Of course, this is not pure altruism for our comfort. Apple plans to improve the mapping data enough to establish itself as a benchmark in the future autonomous car market. There are billions at stake.

With this update, Apple Plan aims to crush Google Maps

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