Shane Wright and Nick Suzuki: two very similar players, according to Mathias Brunet

Shane Wright and Nick Suzuki: two very similar players, according to Mathias Brunet

There are just over three weeks left until the NHL Draft. So in 24 days we’ll know who will be the Canadians’ first-choice player (as well as the other 31 youngsters who will have the chance to hear his name at the Bell Centre).

Shane Wright remains the favourite, but Juraj Slavkovsky remains in the thick of the argument. More and more, we feel that it is tightening between the two, so much so that some believe that it could be a “heads or tails”.

Mathias Brunet, who has leaned toward Slafkovsky for a while, decided to do an interesting exercise: He compared Wright’s game to Nick Suzuki’s during his rookie year.

His conclusion? both players look alike much.

Brunet explains that the two players are, in their draft year, at the same level offensively. Defensively though, he gives Suzuki the upper hand, particularly due to his rather exceptional sense of anticipation.

Basically, in their respective draft year, Suzuki was a little bit ahead of Wright, according to Brunet. I didn’t see Suzuki play enough during his draft year, so I’ll rely on Brunet’s analysis.

However, where my opinion diverges from Brunet’s is when he states that the HC does not really benefit from recruiting a player as similar as Suzuki with his pick and that he should opt for a more different profile. .

Personally, having another player similar to Suzuki in the second row of the team in the long term is far from an idea that I dislike. If Wright plays like Suzuki currently does, the CH will be in the car in the center of the top-6 for several years.

Yes, we’ll have to find ends to them eventually, and Slafkovsky is an attractive option, but for my part, I’d rather have good centers and then go around them than do the reverse.

Therefore, we will see if the CH will choose Suzuki 2.0 or Slavkovsky. At least, there are only 24 days left to wait before having the answer…

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