Tested: Sedna VA4220WF Valve |  stop at the right time

Tested: Sedna VA4220WF Valve | stop at the right time

The Sedna smart valve, from Quebec manufacturer Sinopé, lacked only one function: a flow sensor. This is now done with the second generation, which combines detectors, consumption reports, and offline operation for complete peace of mind.

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Three years ago, the first version of the Sedna Smart Valve seduced us with its very competitive price of less than $500, which could be combined with up to 20 leak detectors. But without a flow sensor, a feature offered on valves two to three times more expensive, leaks can become catastrophic before they stop.

Now the second generation of this valve can be supplemented with a mechanical flow sensor at a low cost. You can adjust the definition of “abnormal flow” to your liking, between 15 minutes and 24 hours of continuous water circulation, and then command the Sedna to close the valve, send an email or text message, choose all of these actions, or none.

Because our water inlet was too narrow and trapped in urethane, the installation of this new valve took a good hour, thanks to the two plumbers from Groupe Charbonneau hired by Sinopé for their patience. Subsequently, we only had to add the Sedna to the Neviweb platform via WiFi and reconnect the five leak detectors to the new valve, which then acts as a Zigbee gateway, the recommended configuration.


The Sedna valve flow sensor demonstrated very good accuracy of this system, for example turning off the water 59 minutes and 50 seconds after filling the pool when we had programmed a time.

We have added a new Sinopé product, a “perimeter wire intelligent leak detector”. This cable detects leaks along its 2.2 m length and can be placed around a water heater or along a pipe.

There you go, everything is in its place. All you need is a damp towel or a puddle of water on one of the detectors to shut off the water supply.

The flow sensor demonstrated very good precision of this system, for example, closing the water 59 minutes and 50 seconds after filling the pool when we had programmed a time. A text message and an email arrived to confirm the closure.

To turn the water back on, simply press the Open button on the smart valve or go to the mobile app neviweb on your phone or tablet. New, you can send a voice command to Alexa or Google Assistant.

The flow sensor provides an overview of water consumption for the last 48 hours, for 30 days, or 24 months. You can ask for your water to be cut off if there is a risk of frost. The valve, thanks to its batteries, can remain active for up to 48 hours in the event of a power outage. It and its leak detectors work in offline mode and do not depend on the Internet or Hydro-Québec. They can no longer text or email in this case.

In particular, it can close or open the valve from a Sinopé switch, by double-clicking, or ordering the extinguishing of devices connected to a smart plug in the event of a leak. Geolocation allows the valve to react to the presence or absence of the owners, by their phone, depending on the chosen distance.

In 18 days of testing, the system has never failed. The detectors are well designed and continue to emit even when placed between walls or in a refrigerator.

There are no subscription fees and the system is compatible with other Zigbee platforms, such as SmartThings, which would allow it to continue operating if Sinopé went out of business.

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The flow sensor only has one flaw, probably related to the fact that it is mechanical and not ultrasonic: it can be noisy when there is a strong flow of water. Nothing dramatic: then we have the equivalent of the sound emitted by a computer whose fan is working hard. The fact is known in Sinopé and seems to be caused by several factors, in particular the configuration of the pipes. This noise only appeared with two precise touches during our tests.

Did we buy it?

Some constants emerge from the products designed in Quebec by Sinopé, from the thermostats manufactured at the time by Aube to the diversified home automation platform offered in 2022: their quality, competitive price, and attention to detail.

The second-generation Sedna smart valve is the same gauge. A highly recommended choice, without a doubt.

Sedna smart water valve (2me generation), VA4220WF

  • Maker: Sinope
  • Reward $539.95 (3/4″) or $579.95 (1″), with flow sensor FS4220 $49.95 (3/4″) or FS4221 $54.95 (1″)
  • Note: 4.5 out of 5

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