The New York Rangers are desperate to trade Julien Gauthier

The New York Rangers are desperate to trade Julien Gauthier

In the National Hockey League it often happens that young players selected in the first round of the draft never make it to the big leagues.

These players drafted in the first round were unlucky in terms of injuries or simply did not take their chances to emerge victorious.

Others just haven’t even had a chance to prove themselves.

One of these players previously drafted in the first round who has not yet been able to make a real place for himself in the NHL is the Quebecois Julien Gauthier.

Originally drafted 21st overall by the Carolina Hurricanes in 2016, Gauthier never had a real shot in the big leagues.

After a few good seasons in the American League, he played just five games with the Hurricanes before being traded to the New York Rangers.

With the latter, Gauthier never really benefited from adequate playing time to stand out and make his mark.

Most of the time it has been overlooked.

This year, in the playoffs, the Quebecer has not played any game.

Everything seems to indicate that Gauthier really is no longer in the plans of the Rangers, both long and short term.

Well, last I heard, The Athletic reporter who covers the New York Rangers, Arthur Staple, claimed in one of his recent articles that two of his sources had confirmed to him that Rangers general manager Chris Drury, he was trying by all means to exchange Julien Gauthier. .

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After being injured for much of the season, Gauthier has only had seven points (three and four assists) in 49 games this season.

Even though he is only 24 years old, his value is not really high.

However, the talent is still there in Gauthier. He didn’t get selected in the first round for nothing.

So you could very well benefit from a change of scenery.

If Chris Drury is really desperate to trade Gauthier for anything, do you think a team like the Montreal Canadiens could take advantage of it?

Attention! I’m not necessarily talking about an exchange here. If Gauthier really isn’t part of the Rangers’ plans anymore, chances are he won’t even get a qualifying offer.

This means that the Quebecer would become a free agent WITHOUT restrictions.

Being in full reconstruction, the CH could very well decide to take a risk by signing the 24-year-old.

If the Rangers ultimately decide to make a qualifying offer to Gauthier, the latter could well go through waivers next season as he most likely won’t make the lineup.

Once again, the Habs could decide to claim Gauthier.

Remember that the order of the exemptions will follow the ranking of the 2021-2022 season from below. Therefore, the CH will be the first team to be able to claim players who go on waivers until the 2022-2023 season begins.

Therefore, we could witness a Rem Pitlick situation with Julien Gauthier.

In short, it will be interesting to see where the Quebecois will end up, who in my opinion still has time to make a name for himself in the NHL.

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