Hockey Canada relaunches investigation

Hockey Canada relaunches investigation

Three weeks after appearing badly to elected officials of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, Hockey Canada apologized Thursday and vowed to relaunch the investigation into the gang rape that occurred in 2018 and involved eight players playing under its flag.

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– Listen to Pascale St-Onge’s press conference on QUB radio:

On June 20, Hockey Canada said it had done everything in its power to conduct an independent investigation to shed light on the sad events of June 2018. On Thursday, the national body instead noted the damage and He admitted his irregularity.

This is why the federation promised that the 19 players present in June 2018 as part of a Hockey Canada Foundation gala in London would be required to cooperate in the investigation, which had not been the case until ‘now’.

“We hear your anger and disappointment with Hockey Canada, and your feelings are completely legitimate. We know that our response has been insufficient to the actions of some members of the 2018 Junior National Team, or even to end the culture of toxic behavior in hockey. We are sincerely sorry,” Hockey Canada wrote in its letter.

Any player who refuses to cooperate will face a “lifetime ban from Hockey Canada activities, on the ice and elsewhere,” the federation says.

a good step

After reading the letter, Federal Sports Minister Pascale St-Onge perked up, but will wait before saying she is fully satisfied.

Federal Sports Minister Pascale St-Onge said she was heartened after reading the content of Hockey Canada's letter.

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Federal Sports Minister Pascale St-Onge said she was heartened after reading the content of Hockey Canada’s letter.

“I think the compromises that are being made are going in the right direction, but I hope that the boots will follow the lips, so they will have to make a culture change in Canada,” he warned. she insisted.

Other commitments

In its letter, Hockey Canada also confirmed that it wants to work in partnership with the Office of the Sports Integrity Commissioner.

This was also a condition imposed by Minister St-Onge to restore federal funding to Hockey Canada, which was withdrawn in the wake of the events.

The institution has also disclosed that it is committed to imposing mandatory sexual violence and consent training for all high-performing players, staff and volunteers.

A comprehensive review of Hockey Canada’s governance will be conducted by an independent third party and an independent and confidential grievance mechanism will be established.

  • Listen to Alexandre Moranville-Ouellet’s comment on LCN:

Too little and too late?

In the eyes of politicians, these are once again laudable proposals, but ones that should have been implemented sooner.

“This is the attitude we expected from Hockey Canada, but four years late,” responded Sébastien Lemire, a spokesman for Bloc Québécois Sports.

“We will need to ensure that all announced measures are implemented and that the process remains a candid and transparent approach that will allow Hockey Canada to regain the trust of citizens, parliamentarians and its athletes. We also hope that the announced independent investigation will affect governance and also target decision makers who obviously decided to cover up the matter in 2018.

“Hockey Canada and its leaders must continue to be held accountable for their mismanagement of the matter and must follow up on the actions announced today in committee, before parliamentarians,” he concluded.

significant losses

The victim of the aggression had concluded an agreement of the order of 3.55 million in damages with Hockey Canada and the alleged aggressors have not been identified.

Since then, Hockey Canada’s reputation has suffered and several big name sponsors have chosen to disassociate themselves from its activities, Scotiabank, Tim Hortons and Esso.

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