The king, the rose and the lou(p) |  In the annals of the Franks

The king, the rose and the lou(p) | In the annals of the Franks

“We don’t know if we’ll get another chance like this! Ariane Roy launched. “I’m buzzed,” added Lou-Adriane Cassidy. Ostie, we like that, making music together! “The inevitable happened.

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Emily Costa

Emily Costa

Cool weather and raindrops weren’t going to stop a queen from ruling, a rose from blooming, and a wolf from howling.

And a crowd to attend a show that will set the spirits. A show that brought together three of the most talented and inspired singer-songwriters of her generation: Ariane Roy, Thierry Larose and Lou-Adriane Cassidy.

The title of the program The king, the rose and the lou(p)was a nod to two event concerts that used the same concept, namely I saw the wolf, the fox, the lionwhich in 1974 brought together Félix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault and Robert Charlebois, as well as The wind, the sea and the rock., which featured three stars of the moment in the 2003 Franks, Daniel Boucher, Éric Lapointe and Kevin Parent. All the men (including two whose reputations are no longer very enviable)…

Thankfully, (re)welcome to 2022, where it would be inconceivable that a musical gathering at the top would not include any women.

Especially when their names are Ariane Roy and Lou-Adriane Cassidy.

Hair in the wind and outfits halfway between grunge and disco, what a fiery look and presence they had on the Clark Street stage, while accompanying their friend and third headliner of the evening, Thierry Larose, who had received the award Félix-Leclerc of the song at the beginning of the afternoon.

The union of their talents obliges, the public only had great tunes to put into their mouths. The trio got the ball rolling with you wanted to talk by Ariane Roy cantaloupe by Thierry Larose and Yes, the snake is watching us. by Lou Adriane Cassidy.

We were in the front row, and what emotion radiated from the stage! The girls danced feverishly, Thierry Larose closed his eyes to believe if all this was really true.


Ariane Roy and Thierry Larose

The tempo slowed down when they performed with three voices and three guitars what is perhaps the most beautiful French ballad of the last decade, Twenty Five Penny Island by Thierry Larose. beautiful to cry

friends first

Lifelong friends Ariane Roy, Thierry Larose and Lou-Adriane Cassidy were already sharing the stage together long before the idea of ​​the show. The king, the rose and the lou(p). They like each other as much as they admire each other, they told the crowd.

They are three experienced instrumentalists, but the chemistry between them also gave them a lot of ease and naturalness as performers on Saturday night at the Francos. You had to see Lou-Adriane Cassidy give it her all in her very “Hole” version ofBetween my legs.


Lou Adriane Cassidy

Or watch her perform with Ariane Roy – they’ve known each other since they were 9 years old – the song girl to dress up

For the rest, we still get goosebumps remembering when Thierry Larose gave the sign for the first few notes of his pop home run every time, Pompeii lovers.

ten on stage

Completing the enviable trio of headliners, we find Charles-Antoine Olivier and Pierre-Emmanuel Beaudoin on drums, Sam Beaulé on bass, Dominique Plante on guitar, as well as Vincent Gagnon and Odile Marmet-Rochefort on stage. the keyboards.

The title of musical director of the show went to the one who collaborates with “the king, the rose and the wolf”, namely Alexandre Martel (Anatole). Congratulations to all the work of him.

The show, attended by many teenagers, had something reassuring about the future of French song.

Ariane Roy, Thierry Larose and Lou-Adriane Cassidy embody a generation of inspired, talented but above all uninhibited musicians.

To close the show before the unexpected and impromptu encore (we heard in the distance when we left Between Matane and Baton Rouge by Isabelle Boulay), against all odds, the trio of the evening had invited Gilles Valiquette to perform with him their great success Life in Pink. A good show of respect for the great Quebecois pop of the past.

Ariane Roy, Thierry Larose and Lou-Adriane Cassidy showed class and enthusiasm. It was an opportunity to attend his show that could have taken place on the big stage and that will go down in the Franco annals.

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