Grant McCagg is convinced that Juraj Slafkovsky is ready for the NHL

Grant McCagg is convinced that Juraj Slafkovsky is ready for the NHL

For several weeks now, former recruiter Grant McCagg has been explaining with the help of various tweets that, for him, Shane Wright really isn’t the first choice for the Montreal Canadiens.

He shares many of his views on Wright’s game and explains why he doesn’t really see Wright as a franchise player, far from it.

Regardless, McCagg has been attacking Shane Wright for quite some time, and he really doesn’t think he’s the player to pick first overall.

You’re probably thinking right now that if McCagg doesn’t see Wright coming out first, he’s seeing another player get drafted first overall.

Well, in fact, McCagg sees Slovakian winger Juraj Slafkovsky as the first player selected in the upcoming draft.

McCagg is impressed with Slafkosvky to say the least. He explains that the Slovak put in the best performance he has ever seen from a prospect being eligible for the play-off the same year in Slovakia’s final match against Kazakhstan.

The former CH scout adds in detail that throughout the match, Slafkovsky demonstrated “elite” skating, excellent puck handling, very intelligent play and solid defensive play.

In short, for McCagg, the choice is clear and obvious.

Surely by watching this sequence you can understand a little why McCagg is impressed.

Slafkovsky then scored on the penalty kick awarded to him after his fine climb.

Despite almost all responses to McCagg’s anti-Wright or pro-Slafkovsky tweets disagreeing with him, the former scout continues to praise Slafkovsky’s performance at the World Championship of Hockey.

In fact, McCagg has added to this by saying in one of his recent tweets that Slafkovsky could play in the NHL next year. According to him, the Slovakian is completely ready for the NHL.

McCagg sees Slafkovsky as the perfect winger for the trio of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield next year.

In the end, I disagree with McCagg. I think Wright is the right pick early on overall, and I think the Habs will draft him.

However, McCagg’s reliance on his claims and analysis of Juraj Slafkosvky is clearly sobering, and that is exactly the purpose of this text. Make think.

McCagg also explains that the HC enjoys the luxury of being able to choose the player they want between Shane Wright, Juraj Slafkosvky and Logan Cooley.

Additionally, he asked various people in the hockey world what their best choice would be, and all three names came out. However, Slavkovsky’s returned more frequently than the other two.


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